Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Blends in with someone's sigh

O, blog. You thing for which I care little.

A few exciting things.

Went out to eat with Holly and Ashley. Lovely, old freak-suitesque times.

Goblet of Fire on DVD. I was weak and couldn't help myself.

Got a forward from Dr. Bodevin about an English teaching assistantship in Spain. It's a post-graduation thing, of course, so I'm not eligible. But I will be in future years. And that would be just my cup o' tea. O, the possibilities, US Embassy.

A few less exciting things.

Well, this has been a bad week for the wellness center. Looks as if it won't be seeing the likes of me until Thursday.

R. I. P. J. M. C.
August 13, 2003 - March 04, 2006