Monday, May 31, 2004

memorable memorial day weekend

Mom and Dad have just pulled away, and here I sit in my summer abode. It's weird, it is. I was standing in the doorway and watching them leave, and the strangest feeling washed over me. Like I was all grown up and standing in the doorway of my own house where the parents came for a visit. Well, this isn't even my place. I'm just helping pay summer rent for two months, but it is very different indeed from the dorm. But I like it. I've got my room at set up and ready to go. But not without a million hitches.

First off, we were leaving home yesterday around 2:00. We had to stop at Wade and Day's to pick up a chair I bought from them, and within a few moments of when we rolled up, Wayne Hart was telling WebCo to take cover, tornadoes were heading our way. So of course, Dad freaks out, and under his command, Wade, Day, Arenda, Mom, Dad, and me went up to the courthouse for shelter because Wade and Day don't have a basement. All of the weather put us behind two hours, but thank goodness everything was okay. Then we stopped in Calvert to eat supper at Sissy's. That was good. No trouble. Then we got to the apartment, and just for your information, never put Mom, Dad, and me together to try to move into a place. Dad went into super-sonic mode because he was sure a big rain storm was going to hit right in the middle of moving stuff in. Once we got everything in--dry as a bone--we had to make a WalMart trip of course. While we were there, we decided to get me a TV. Well, we were in my car while Dad's truck was here, so as soon as we got back from WalMart, we went again. This time to get the TV and a entertainment stand thingy with the truck. As Dad and I were traipsing across WalMart, we heard it start to rain. Hard. Well, that's great. Let's load up a TV in the back of a truck in the pouring down rain. We figured it would pass, so we made our way to the electronics. The TV I wanted was gone, as well as my second choice, so I ended up getting another one, which was fine. We were going to see if the Benton WalMart had either one that I wanted there, but when the associated lady called, they told her everything was shut down at the moment because there was a tornado warning in Marshall County. So with my TV stand and my third-choice TV, we headed for the cash register. Manning the register was a little half-Shuttle fellow I'd like to call Blind. Because within the first forty-five seconds of the checking-out process, he told me I was beautiful, asked me if I was single, asked me old I was, and upon hearing that we're the same age, said, "Hmmm," as if he was getting ready to ask me for my number. (I thought Dad was oblivious to all this, but I later found out he wasn't. I'm not sure what he thought about the whole thing.) Maybe I'm crazy, but that seemed just a little too, I don't know, scary. So I hastened the transaction by giving him the credit card and getting out of dodge. But no. The rain had us trapped in the foyer of the store. Wonderful. So my little Shuttle Lovin' shut down his register, ran to customer service to get some garbage bags, tape, and three cart-boys for reinforcment. Before I knew it, these four guys and my dad are wrapping, taping, and plasticking (new word, eh?) my purchases. All the while, the cashier's supervisor was trying to explain to him that this was the cart-boys' job, but you know, this feller would do anything for love, I guess. So something like twenty minutes later after Dad went back and bought more plastic and had to fight off the Shuttle (who must've been curious about my dowry), the items were loaded, and we made it back alive. That was until we actually had to put the piece of furniture together. I won't go into details, but let's just say that if assembly is require, my dad should be prohibited. I didn't think I was going to make it through the two and a half hours it took to get the thing functional--not completed. So by 3:00 am (it must be lonely), I had the place kinda situated, so I went to bed.

Now, I am so tired. I think I might go take a nap. Between running from tornadoes, Shuttles, and cordless drills, I'm tuckered out. I practically forgot that I have class tomorrow, and I still have to buy the book. Soon, I have to resume the job inquiry and begin The Great Apartment Hunt. I've done a lot, and I still have a lot to do. But right now, I just need some sleep.

Sunday, May 30, 2004

before i go

'Tis far better to live and love and grow
Than to never have your heart broken, never have to know
The pain of losing someone or part of your soul,
But if you never love, you never have to let go.

--July 18, 2002

I found this in an old journal while I was cleaning out my trunk. I spent a big part of the day rearranging and packing. I leave tomorrow (well, today, technically) to move back to Murray. In all acutality, this is probably my last time at home when it seems like I'm doing more than visiting. I figure I won't be home much this summer with gas prices so high, and during the couple weeks between summer classes and fall classes, I should be settling into my new place.

I met Ashley in Poole today so that she could give me the key to the apartment. (She stayed there the last two weeks while she was taking a class.) We ended up standing in the bank parking lot talking for about an hour. She's the first person from school I've seen since we came home. It was good to catch up and get the quick and dirty on the apartment. I'm a little nervous about living in an apartment that someone else is responsible for, but I'll survive.

I'm pretty ready to go. Well, I'm not completely packed, but getting the rest together tomorrow shouldn't be too bad. The big problem is that it's supposed to rain tomorrow. That's a great thing when you're trying to haul belongings in the bed of a pick-up. Hopefully we can cram everything into my backseat and trunk and the cab of Dad's truck. If not, I'll be putting a whole bunch of faith in some tarps and bungee cords. That's promise.

Well, I'm dag-gone tired. I fell asleep about 4:00 this morning and got up at 9:30, and let me tell you, that packing business can wear you out. I think we might be heading out at a fairly early hour in the morning, and I'm going to need enough energy to finish packing, drive down there, and move in. So this is it from Poole. See you in Murray.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

i probably thought this post was about me

It's good to see that I'm so vain that I risk people's and my own life by taking pictures of myself as I drive down the road. I do what I can to keep the roadways safe, folks. I do what I can.

Last night I went out with Dale, Tim, Danielle, and her baby. By "went out" I mean we went and got some Shuttlese out by WalMart and then rented some movies. Well, Dale rented Peter Pan and bought Blue Collar Comedy Tour. We decided to go with the rental first, but when the "severe thunderstorm" knocked the power out for a few seconds resetting the DVD player, we decided Pete was boring us to death, and we were gonna switch over to the stand-up comedy. But before that, we decided to make a food run, and we discovered the storm had knocked out more than the power. Trees crossing the road had us trapped for two blocks. That siren wasn't kidding. There were trees down all over the place. And we kept asking ourselves, "And we missed this for Peter Pan?" Oh, well. We got back and watched Blue Collar Comedy Tour, and all those suggestions people had made, telling me that I absolutely had to see this DVD, were right. It was so funny, I made Mom buy it tonight at WalMart and watch it when we got home. Good stuff, indeed.

This afternoon, I went to the Whirlpool plant in Evansville for Uncle Pook's retirement party. He's been helping supply the world with refrigerators for 41 years, so I figured I might as well go along and celebrate with him. Mom volunteered me as the event photographer, so I took something like 80 pictures. We used the handy-dandy Kodak Picture Maker at WalMart and printed off a bunch of them. We're going to put together a photo album and give it to him as a gift at his other retirement bash next weekend. (That's right. My family has to celebrate momentous occasions at least three times before they can be considered official.) Anyway, we got to take a tour of the plant, and I must say, it is really neat. Nothing like watching a six-foot tall kitchen appliance getting shrink-wrapped by an automated machine. Or fighting fork lift traffic. Or wearing OSHA approved safety glasses. :-)

Thursday, May 27, 2004

because it's time to do it again

As you can tell, being at home has me bored out of my mind. Now that I've finished my blog layout, I'm reading old posts. I found this from November 10, 2003, and I thought I'd give it another shot.

current clothing: My blue 1792-1992 Kentucky t-shirt. It just my be may favorite t-shirt in the world. And those saggy, gray, cropped-like pajama pants. I know. It's almost 2:00 in the afternoon and I'm still in my pajamas. Wah-wah.
current mood: Hmm. Well, I'm bored, but I don't think that's a mood. I'm a little anxious right now. Bored, stir-crazy, anxious. Whatever.
current taste: Cool Ranch Doritos. How's that for disgusting?
current hair: If you've ever seen my hair while I'm still in pajamas, recall that visual now. If not, you're lucky.
current annoyance: Having to go back and erase my answers from the last time I filled this stupid thing out.
current smell: I don't smell anything. Stupid allergies.
current thing you ought to be doing: Oh, geez. Um, how 'bout getting packed and ready to move back to Murray? Or on a more immediate level, taking a shower.
current jewelry: None, thank you.
current book: I've been meaning to finish Let the Dead Bury Their Dead, but I've only read a couple more stories.
current refreshment: There are still some Cool Ranch Doritos laying around over here.
current worry: You mean besides getting moved, taking classes, finding a job, finding an apartment for the fall, finding stuff to put in that apartment? You mean besides all that? Ah, shoot, I'm good.
current crush: Hovie. ;-) Absence makes the heart grow fonder, indeed.
favorite celebrity: Wayne Hart. I've been seeing a lot of him lately.
current longing: It's funny. My answer to this last time was "to be done with this semester." This time, I'm ready for school. Something to do.
current music: Nothin'. I've gotten used to silence again. It's a stark contrast from being at school when music is always on. I like both.
current wish: That I could find all the books that I'm wanting to take to Murray with me. I have all kinds of books that I've acquired over time. Now if only I could gather them up so they can populate my book shelf.
current lyric in your head: "And I just want you to know / I've found a reason for me..." The Reason by Hoobastank. I read these lyrics somewhere last night, and they're stuck in my head.
current makeup (if you're a girl!): Absolutely none. As you might be able to tell, I'm looking fine today.
current undergarments: This question kinda bothers me. You know, you're moving along, answering these fairly innocent questions, and then it wants to know about your underwear. I mean, I don't want to know about your underwear...
current regret: Hmm, just a few days ago I realized a regret of mine. And I even thought, Hey, the next time I'm filling out one of those surveys, I can put this as my regret. It's sad that I actually thought that. It's sadder that I don't remember what it was.
current desktop picture: The full picture that my "washed up" headline came from. The old tire at the edge of the river. I kinda like it.
current plans for tonight/weekend: Well, I think I'm supposed to be at Dale's at 6:00. Oh, and I was supposed to call Tim...
current cuss word du jour: None, but I did have a dream last night where someone that doesn't cuss was cussing.
current disappointment: Okay, so I bought the Big Fish and Love Actually DVDs from, right? Well, the seller emailed me the other day and told me that they got lost in transit. Yeah, yeah, so they refunded me (finally) and I ordered the DVDs again from someone else, but it makes me sad. I could've had them already.
current amusement: This. Isn't that horribly sad? I'm really that bored.
current IM/person you're talking to: No one. MSN is a ghost town.
current love: Is it a bad sign when you sit here for a couple minutes trying to conjure up a "current love" and are unsuccessful?
current obsession:, despite the screwing over. It's so addictive.
current thing or things on your wall: You know, house-y living room things. But I tell ya what, when I get to Murray, my bedroom has nothing on the walls. And it'll probably stay that way. I'll save wall decorations for the fall.
current favorite book: If I would just finish Let the Dead...
current favorite movie: I've seen some pretty good movies lately. I have a hard time picking favorites, ya know. But the last thing that blew me away was Kill Bill and Kill Bill, Volume 2. Wa-ta-ta. I dare you to take five steps.

from scratch

Before I left school, I promised that I would work on a layout that I had created entirely on my own during these three weeks I'm home. Well, ladies and gentlemen, here it is. It is plain. You might like the old layout better. I don't even care. ;-) You might not be able to tell, but I've been working on this layout for a big part of the time that I've been home. I've stared at so much HTML and CSS to figure out how to make it work that I'll be creating div layers and style sheets in my sleep. So by golly, now that I've got it working, I'm using it!

I have changed the commenting host. You will no longer be able to view the comments that were left while I was using Squawkbox. Now the comments are hosted by Blogger. There is a little inconvenience. You have to be a Blogger member or it will make you post anonymously. I know. That sucks. But you can go ahead and post anonymously and sign your name at the bottom of the comment or something. Maybe Blogger will eventually change it so that everyone can post without the hassle. But there is a neat new feature. The recent posts links on the left. I think that's fun.

So things have been pretty slow the past couple days. It's been stormy. And it's supposed to be stormy for the next couple days. I like a little summer rain and rolling thunder every now and then, but sheesh. I could do without the tornado warnings and monsoon season.

I now have an American Idol-shaped hole in my Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It's over until next season. Tonight was the finale, and Fantasia won. I was happy for her. I think she deserved it, but there are some things about her style that I could live without, such as her "yeah, yeah, yeah"s at the end of everything. And I admit, Diana is pretty good, but if you had told me in the beginning that she would be in the final two, I wouldn't have believed you. But it doesn't matter who won. They'll both end up with record deals. And so will La Toya London and a host of other contestants. Just being on the show gets them the exposure they need if they are truly talented enough for the music industry. But then again, how many people in the music industry are truly talented?

Okay, I guess that's it. My brain is pretty much lifeless. I don't know what's gotten into me, but maybe it'll be gone tomorrow.

Monday, May 24, 2004

riverfront and central park


Oh. My gosh. I am so tired. I didn't fall asleep again until about 5:00 this morning. So I set my alarm for 9:00. I am determined to be awake while the sun is up, whether or not I'm asleep when it is down. Anyway, I kept hitting the snooze until 10:30, when I decided I must get up. Granted, I don't normally get up that early during the summer. So I'm not sure why I am doing this. Actually, I am writing this entry just to keep myself awake. It's not doing such a good job.

In other boring news, when did I become so allergic? I am quite tired of sneezing all the time. I'm not even sure what I am allergic to, but these past two springs have gotten me pretty good. According to, today the pollen count here is 8.6, which is in the high range. Hmm, our predominant pollens are grass, mulberry, and walnut. Did I know that grass had pollen? Okay, just call me stupid because I don't think I did. Anyway, I must be allergic to it or something. I need to go find those Allegra sample that my wonderful sister got for me.

Alright. I'm sorry for such pitiful content. I'm sure that since I've written a big paragraph on allergies and pollen, my hit count is going to sky-rocket. I'm just waiting for the numbers to rise.

jeri's and jerry's - kinda like the non-trads

Yesterday, Mom and I did spent some "quality time" at the Henderson County Public Library. They always have an art exhibit upstairs, so we walked around and crititqued and commented on the artwork. I discovered that we have different tastes in art. I like impressionism, and for her, everything must be in sharp focus. But alas, we both appreciate art. Much to my dizziness, we took a gander at the rotunda that they restored a year or so ago.

Tonight we went to Jerry's in Henderson for a change. I think I've been to Jeri's in Clay five times in the past two weeks, and that's no exaggeration. Enough is enough, folks. But it's been a long time since I've been around for the Sunday night supper at Jerry's ritual.

My cousin Robbie felt the need to stand up and tell his story as my two of my aunts, Day and Barbara, listened.

My uncle Bug (real name, Tom) was probably the only one who listened to my Dad tell one of his many neverending stories. As you can see, it's all about story-telling and coffee-drinking.

For once, Dad wasn't talking, and Mom was hollering to the other end of the table to put her two cents in. Sometimes, there can be around four stories going on at once. Needless to say, it can get quite loud.

Every now and then, I just listen--believe it or not. When it comes to talking, my family gives me a run for my money, but I do get it honest. I guess this time, it just got too hectic, and I turned my attention to this fork.

Even after we've paid and it's time to go home, we have to stand outside and talk for another fifteen minutes. This is Mom and Uncle Pook (real name, James). His granddaughter Lacey is seeking him for refuge after her brother was picking on her.

Here is Uncle Pook, Wade, and Bug. They're brothers, if you can't tell. And they're always causing trouble.

While we were out there, Ashley called. A lady at her church asked her if she knew anyone who was looking for a summer job in Murray because she's needing help at Angel's Attic. And of course, I am looking for a job, so Ashley gave her my number. She's going to call me about an interview. It's nothing for certain, but at least I have a lead. Here's a shout-out to Ashley. She's my homegirl. If it wasn't for her, I might not have had a place to stay this summer. Thanks for the hook-up, dawg.

Okay, it's off to bed. I'm trying to get my sleep regulated again. You'd think after I got up at 8:30 with three hours of sleep and going to bed last night at like 11:30, I'd be fixed. But no. Here it is 2:00, and I'm not in bed yet. Of course, that could be attributed to the fact that I wrote this post a few minutes ago, but I had worked on it off and on for two hours, and then it disappeared. Yeah, I was a little ticked, and I couldn't go to bed without doing it again. Of course, this is an abridged version. Maybe tomorrow I'll fill you in on some of the other stuff I had written in the original, but for now, I'm out. I'm going to try to get up and go do some stuff in Hendserson tomorrow. You know, pay some bills, take some pictures. Good night.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

to write

Today has been somewhat interesting--to me, atleast. Okay, so I didn't go to bed until nearly 7:00 this morning, and somehow in those few moments before I decided to call it a night, I came across the Spring 1995 Kentucky English Bulletin. I immediately knew why we had a copy laying around the house. They had us do these on-demand writings in my fifth grade class to submit to this competition, and I placed second. After I read my story, I flipped through and found that ol' Holly placed first. Indeed, her story was better than mine.

Anyway, when I woke up this afternoon and remembered the stories, I was inspired to do a little search for my fiction writings. I could recall five pieces of fiction that I've written. The first would be this little story in that bulletin thing. It was the shortest, cheesiest story called "The Merriest Christmas."

"Wow!" mumbled Jeana as she stood at Mr. Smith's Toy Store. She was admiring the choo-choo train in the store window. The train was following the track in a circle.

Jeana was homeless. It was the saddest time of the year for her. It was Christmas time, and today was Christmas Eve. It was her saddest time because she had no gifts. Only the gift of a warm home was what she had in mind.

"Oooh!" exclaimed a little girl, "She's dirty and stinks!" as she walked on. She was talking about Jeana. That little girl and her mother were wearing fancy clothes. When they walked by, they turned up their noses.

Then an elderly woman stopped and put on a frown when she saw Jeana. The woman came closer and said, "Oh, you need to come home with me. I'll give you a bath and new clothes. You can stay with me. My name is Ellen." Jeana's face gleamed with surprise.

It was late at night when Ellen walked her home. When they walked in, in a far corner stood a beautiful Christmas tree.

Jeana had a bath. Ellen gave her some pajamas to sleep in. They had a big dinner. Afterwards, they had hot cocoa. Ellen's house was warm and cozy. Then she went to bed. She had never slept in a real bed before. She loved it. She fell asleep.

The morning sun shone through the curtains. She went downstairs. Ellen was waiting for her. She saw a huge gift under the tree. "It's yours. Open it," Ellen said. So Jeana opened it. It was the train she saw in the toy store window. It was the merriest Christmas ever!

Yeah, so that story was all about reality. So people can just snatch kids off the street to take home and raise? And when did Ellen have the chance to go buy that train set? Stupid fifth-grader...

I wrote another story in either seventh or eighth grade called "The Dream" that made it to publication in the illustrious Beta Beat/Bomb/Watch, whatever we called the newspaper that we Junior Beta Club members sporadically "published." Then, I guess it was sophomore year of high school when I wrote "When the Dust Settles" in Mr. Roy's class. It kinda sucked, but it was better than the last two. While I was digging around on our old desktop looking for old stories, I came across one I forgot. My "tale of good moral value" that Cat-Dawg made us write to mimic Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. It was another piece of cheese, and again, it had a homeless person dragged in off the street in it. I don't know what my deal is with that. Anyway, legend has it that while I read my tale aloud in class, Cat-Dawg teared up. Interesting stuff, right there. The only other story I know of is the one I wrote for my creative writing class this past fall called "Gravel." I posted a draft of it here. That's not the final draft I turned into Hovie. I submitted a revision for publication in Notations, but I never heard anything from them. Oh, well.

I don't claim to be a good fiction writer, but I think if I really worked at it, I could do it. I've tried to do a lot of things in my lifetime. As a kid, of course, I wanted to be a singer. We all know that didn't happen. I also wanted to be an artist. I've tried my hand at that, and still do from time to time, but it will never be more than a little hobby. I tried acting a little, too. Fun, indeed, but not something I could aspire toward. With a little coercion, I've done a some guitar playing. ;-) If only I would practice... Recently, with the purchase of my digital camera, I've come to enjoy photography.

But I think my real passion lies in writing. It is something I do nearly every day. It is almost like breathing. Maybe I don't craft my words in a fashion that deems me great. I surely do not paint brilliant masterpieces with black and white print. But I'd love to. I am intrigued by writers who capture the flavor of life in a such a way that I feel like I know exactly what they are talking about. It is a gift that I'm not sure I possess, but something in the last couple days has urged me to look for it within myself.

I am a person of few dreams. I do not dream about my wedding day. I do not know what my colors will be, what my dress or my ring will look like. I do not know what I want to name my children. I do not know where I want to live. I suppose that somehow makes me a disgrace to the female race. But I do know that I'd like to make something of my writing one day. I'm not sure what that means. It could come in a form of a book or who knows what else. I know that what I write is not extraordinary, but that's just what makes me love words.

Writing is a medium that allows ordinary everyday life to be beautifully communicated. And words are not just groups of letters with a dictionary meaning. A story or a poem is not just what you see on the page. Writing might just be the most subjective art. Each work is guaranteed to mean something different to everyone who reads it. It requires readers to draw on their own experiences and knowledge to create an idea or story in their minds. Maybe it's just me, but this stuff is fascinating.

Well. Now that I've given you my dissertation on words and writing... Those are just some of the things I've thought about today, and I figured I better write them down.

I'm hardly tired because right now 2:30am is relative to a normal sleeper's late afternoon. Maybe I can take an "afternoon" nap and try to make it double as a night's sleep.

Friday, May 21, 2004

up with the sun

I'm only posting for shock value. Yes. It's like 6:30 in the morning. But no, I didn't get up early. I haven't been to sleep yet. Summer has a weird-wild way of messing up my sleep schedule. It took me about two weeks to completely invert my days and nights. Why can't I be normal? Being nocturnal is kinda lonely. Well, I think I might finally be tired now, so here I go to sleep my day away. Good night.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

sunset at old salem

just try to figure out what all this is for

in my ears
artist: barenaked ladies
song: pinch me

I like this song. I don't think it will ever get old. It captures a mood that I get into sometimes--the mood you get into went you've been sitting at home a little bored for a little too long. And I also love the irony of the lyrics. Every other line contradicts the one before it.

It's the perfect time of year
Somewhere far away from here
I feel fine enough I guess
Considering everything's a mess

Are the Barenaked Ladies still around? I don't guess I listen to the radio enough to know. To me, they'll probably always be a Two-Hit Wonder. "One Week" and "Pinch Me." I don't know. Maybe they have some songs out that I do not know are theirs. Do all of their songs contain at least one refrain that attempts to cram a minute's worth of lyrics into fifteen seconds? I do remember one song from Stunt called "Who Needs Sleep" or something like that. I had spent the night with Ashley Holt, and she had just purchased the CD. We found the song very fitting because we were trying to stay up all night. I remember one little part of the song.

Who needs sleep?
Well, you're never gonna get it
Who needs sleep?
Tell me what's that for
Who needs sleep?
Be happy with what you're getting
There's a guy who's been awake
Since the Second World War

According to, that CD came out in '98. Six years ago. Crazy stuff.

Speaking of crazy, I think I'm going there. You see, I keep a written journal aside from this thing, right? Well, for the past couple days, I subconsciously haven't exactly been aware of what the date has been. I got online today and saw something that said May 20, 2004. I asked myself, Wha? It's not the twentieth yet, or is it? So I put my mouse over the time display in the toolbar. Indeed, it is May 20. In all this confusion, I asked myself another question: Then what have I been dating my journals? You ready for this?

Tuesday, May 18, 2004 - 1:30pm

Wednesday, May 18, 2004 - 2:00am

Thursday, May 18, 2004 - 2:10am

Before going back and scratching out the dates to make them correct, I laughed quite heartily at myself. And then it kinda scared me. How on earth did I absent-mindedly write the same date down three days in a row? Well, at least I know what day of the week it is... Today is Thursday, right?

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

i've these dreams

I've been having some strange dreams lately. The one I had the other night was just weird. It involved a random assortment of people that I haven't seen in years, some of my close friends, and folks I know (some not so intimately) from Murray. It is one of two, maybe three, dreams I've had that actually had a plot. This one even had a moral to it. To save you from suffering the confusing details, let's just say that you shouldn't talk about people behind their backs. There are secret agents recording everything you say, and they just might strap down everyone you know and play your recordings so they can hear. And these secret agent dudes will do anything--you owe them money.

See, I don't know where this stuff comes from. That dream was just kinda strange, but the one I had last night really disturbed me. In my dream, there was this group that I apparently rode the Faculty Hall elevator with every day. This, too, was a random assortment of folk, but they were mostly just people I've seen on campus. One day, somebody got a little ticked off and shot one of the other people in the elevator. Yeah, that was bad and all, but it didn't seem to be such an issue until the next day, when another one of our elevator crew decided to bust out the nine on someone else among us. Then the situation was devastating. For most of the dream, I was moping around campus because I was so misfortunate to be on FH elevator four during both shootings. That's what is so disturbing. This dream had very clear, vivid details. And the people in it were real. It wasn't one of those dreams where people don't look like themselves or anything like that. I know exactly who the victim was the second shooting. I know that UF was present for the first shooting, but he wasn't for the second. Not sure what that means. There are several other people who made appearances, but due to the nature of this dream, I just don't want to say. And I know the first one was on St. Patrick's Day. And contrary to most dreams, the second day was actually the chronological March 18.

I have suspicions that a lot of the details of both of these dreams can be explained. Hmm, like while Dale and I were in Evansville last night, we saw a liquor store called Apollo Liquor, and the god Apollo is important in the story of Troy. See, that might explain why our good friend Apollo showed up in last night's dreams. (Sorry, Holly. He wasn't one of the vicitims.) But still, that dream will probably haunt me for a while. I don't consider myself superstitious, but I'm not so sure I'll take elevator four in Factuly Hall on March 17 or 18 in the future.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

it might be a quarter-life crisis

in my ears
any given thursday
artist: john mayer
song: why georgia

This is definitely my favorite version of this song. Just thought I'd let you know in case you didn't already.

Holly's post tonight got me on a little ramble while I was commenting. As you will be able to read, she found some "coupons" that I made her for her birthday when we were seniors. It's so strange to think how different the coupons would be if I was making them now. I know that we would be singing John Mayer songs (or various other artists' songs) instead of country songs. And we wouldn't be driving by Mr. Roy's house, but it'd be a coupon for a free trip the wrong way around the dorm circle. I guess those are the little things that change over time, but all of those little things add up to be big things.

I'm not so sure I can sit you down and list for you all the things that are different about me from when I was in high school, but it's there. It's not really that the younger me was necessarily bad. The younger me was just, well, younger, less experienced. Growing up has funny effects on people. It changes the way you think, the way you look at things. Time, and I'd say circumstance as a result of time, has a way of doing away with naivete and replacing it with cynicism. Of course, it's not all negative, but it just seems that people grow and thrive in a soil of hurt and loss. Like life is a series of what-doesn't-kill-you-makes-you-strongers.

Not to say that life doesn't have its joys. It just doesn't seem like those experiences are what propel the "growing up" process. I have to admit, it is when I recall the memories of being young and naive that they seem so good. Like thinking back on those coupons I gave Holly in high school. They were kinda silly then, but now they make me smile--and not quite in the same way they did when I made them.

And now I have to laugh a little bit. Here I sit talking like I'm some wise sage who has journeyed now the long road of life and can look back and share my insight with children and adults alike. I'm just twenty years old. I'll look back at this time in my life and have the same sentiments about it as I have about my childhood.

Monday, May 17, 2004

just don't leave me alone here

Good evenin'. Mine's been okay. We went to Jeri's. Again. I'm quite tired of that place. I know that soon enough I'll miss the family bonding, but how did I ever survive hanging out with my family like I used to? I love sitting around and talking with them, but man, some of the places we go get old quick.

Today, Mom and I went to church. Then, Dad joined us on our trip to Evansville. Actually, we were originally going to go to Madisonville, but Dad slid into my backseat with a Harbor Freight catalog in hand. I think he broke the bathroom sink just so he'd have an excuse to buy tools. Every time Dad goes to Harbor Freight, it's like Christmas. It's this big warehouse-type place full of tools and other various items. Sometimes they have cute little funnels or levels. You know. Girly, purse-sized tools and what-not, which makes having to go in not so bad. Personally, I think the place is pretty chintzy and could be likened unto those jewelry and purse warehouses that grate on my last nerve. Imagine a man's version of one of those. Anyway, Mom and I sat in the car and listened to John, as I usually do. Actually, I usually sit in the car and people watch, er, man watch. These men think they're the epitome of manliness because they're strutting up into a supersized hardware store. Every now and then, I'll catch one that's about the quality of the Tror (Does that suddenly look like it's short for "Trogdor" to anyone else?), and it is somewhat hilarious.

As I sit here and try to think of something else to say, ol' John the Fish catches my eye. He's been quite active these past couple days. I'm not sure what it is, but my guess is that it's because Crossroads has been on about six million times. No joke. John Mayer puts this fish in a good mood. I was explaining that to Mom the other day.

Me: Look at him. He gets all crazy when he hears John.
Mom: Well, he ought to. That's his daddy.
Me: No, Mom. Get it right. John Mayer's his mommy.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

ain't nothin' like family

I just had some serious deja vu. Or maybe I'm catching this stand-up comedian on BET as a re-run. Eh, who knows.

So I've been spending the time with the family. Today, Mom was off work because we were originally scheduled to do a little family weekend vacation to who-knows-where. Somehow that fell through, so it ended up just being a day of chillin' at home with the Creole. We were going to go see Mean Girls (I know--I shouldn't admit to that), but we were too lazy. We stayed here. I did watch Flowers in the Attic on Starz. It basically sucked. But what can you expect from 1987, you know?

Tonight, we went to Clay with Wade and Day. Before we got out of Jeri's, I thought I was going to puke. I don't know if it was the fish I ate or the three gallons of sweet tea I drank or the six million people conversing at the top of their lungs, but I quite literally got sick. So we high-tailed it out of there, and at Wade and Day's, we watched (and taped) CMT's Crossroads with Brad Paisley and John Mayer. That is a pretty good show. If you get a chance, watch it. It was neat hearing them sing each other's songs. Right before John sang Brad's "Little Moments," they were talking about how John singing it sounds completely different than Brad's version, but it doesn't matter. John said something about a song itself just being the framework for the expression of the performer. Something like that. I thought that was interesting.

Tomorrow night, I think Mom, Dad, and I are going to Goldie's. That's about as familified (ooh, I made that up, and I like it...) as it gets, ladies and gentlemen. Goldie's Best Little Opryhouse in Kentucky. You know what. Don't click on that link. It's embarrassing and depressing. Okay, so the show's not that bad, and they have good popcorn.

Well, I'm pretty tired, and Mom was talking like we might actually get up and do something in the morning. Like do breakfast with the family. That would include aunts and uncles and stuff. I honestly don't remember the last time I've been around for one of those Saturday morning breakfasts. Mmkay, maybe I do, but it sure wasn't the same. Apparently, you go off to college, and when you come home, it's not how you left it. It might seem the same at first, but it's not. See, when you're admist all the change, it doesn't seem drastic, but when you're not around for it, it shows. See, it seemed like my parents aged a lot the first year I was in school. I wondered if my absence was that stressful on them, but then I realized, though I'm sure it had some impact, they were aging just as they had before. I just wasn't around to see it happen as I was in the past. But honestly, after you leave home for the first time, even if you think you're not leaving for good, it's never quite the same. And I'm not quite sure what to make of it yet.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

while i wait

Right now, I am waiting for Dale to drive up. We're getting ready to go to Patti's. It's been a long time since I've been there, and I am excited. Flower-pot bread and strawberry butter...

So last night, we went to Erin's wedding. It's crazy, these people getting married. It's one thing to be a kid sitting in the pew watching "adults" tie the knot, but it seems something totally different when someone your own age gets married. You're supposed to be an adult, but the person that's getting married seems like a kid. Anyway, it was good, and I got to see Jennifer Durbin whom I haven't seen in quite some time. (By the way, she says hi to everyone.) After the wedding, Dale, Tim, and I saw Laws of Attraction. We were the only ones in the theatre. As a matter of fact, they had to start the movie for us. It was a pretty good movie. Cheesy chick flick, of course. I still don't understand why fate and probability teamed up for us to see it.

Well, Dale's likely to drive up any second. Yesterday, he was miraculously early. Who knows. He might be a repeat offender.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

ah, i must be fine 'cause my heart's still beating

I slept today. And then I watched TV. It's weird, it being summer and all. But I took advantage of it, seeing as I'll soon not have these luxuries. Bybee called me at like 11:30 to ask me if we're turning the internet off in the apartment. She expected me to be awake. Yeah. Right. When I did wake up, I ended up watching some E! and ABC Family. Yeah, that landed me with the likes of 101 Most Starlicious Makeovers, Step By Step, whatever that Olsen twin sitcom is, and Full House. These are sad times indeed.

Anyway, tonight Dale and I went to see Van Helsing. After all the drawing from hats and flipping of coins that said we were going to see Laws of Attraction, we didn't go see it. My feelings weren't hurt too much, but as we decided, it might have been less cheesy than Van Helsing. Ah, but at least Hugh Jackman's hot.

Well, I'm absolutely sleepy, but I am curious as to what my grades are. Stupid PIN system isn't up, and it's supposed to start working at midnight. Oh, well. I found out last night thanks to Blackboard that I got an A in grammar. I was surprised, seeing as how ol' LT and I had a mutually hateful relationship. Nah, she didn't hate me, I don't think. But I never hesitated to tell her what I thought. Her and Cat-Dawg. Stupid English teachers bring the best out in me, I swear. After all, I am the lord of the dance. (I so almost typed lord of the rings, but is it all so very different?)

Monday, May 10, 2004

for those of you who appreciate it

I saw this outside the WalMart in Evansville today. You don't see Ski machines too often. I couldn't resist taking a picture. Doo wop, doo wop.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

home tired home

in my ears
mud on the tires
artist: brad paisley
song: somebody knows you now

Home makes me eat and sleep. Okay, so I did that a lot in Murray, but sheesh. I'm just tired. I guess the wear and tear of the semester just kinda hit me all at once. Last night, I was getting ready to take a bath, and I was waiting for Mom to get out of the bathroom. I was laying on her bed waiting for her, and I fell asleep. I didn't get up until 1:00 am. I'm telling ya, about fifteen trips up and down that Springer stairwell will get ya. After I got home, Mom and I went out to Old Salem while Dad weed-eated. (Okay, would properly be weed-ate? I've always said weed-eated, and it sounds right. But man, it sure doesn't look right.) Anyway, so I took some pictures. So you don't think I am obsessed with death, I won't show you my gravestone pictures, just this one.

Today, it doesn't seem like I've done much. A big part of the day involved picking strawberries. I always think I don't really care for strawberries until I eat them. Goo mothren, ours are freaking fantastic. I've eaten about a million since I've been home. But today, I picked more than that.

Tonight, we went to Jeri's as usual. Arenda's in because she had to get her bridesmaid dress for her friend's wedding. So we hung out a little bit tonight. I don't know, I'm just so tired. I just want to sleep, so I think I will. Ah, but tomorrow is Mother's Day. Sadly, I am unprepared. I don't have Creole a darned thing. Hmm, it's time to get creative. She always likes the homemade stuff. I wish I was seven and a construction paper and crayon card would be acceptable...

Friday, May 07, 2004

a few highlights from today

This is in Waterfield Library. Does anyone find it as perplexing as I do?

After Holly cleaned her belongings out the medicine cabinet, this is what was left. It took me about an hour to clean it out, all that stuff I put in there.

We took down all the posters today. It's amazing that something like seven rolls of mounting tape has been reduced to this.

It takes talent to knock a comb off of the sink and land it like this. I got skills.

Holly, Justin, and I went to Aurora to Belew's. It was indeed a good time.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

here's to you, springer

As my days in Springer draw to a close, I figure it's only appropriate that I commemorate my time here in photobloggity.

Upon arrival, Becca and I were roommates. We lasted through Christmas. We'll always be good friends, whether or not we were good roommates. I love her, and I love that we've started seeing more of each other this semester. This is us long after we moved in with other roommates. I know she'll always be one of those friends you go can without seeing for years and as soon as you meet again, it's like no time has passed.

This was at the beginning of last semester, but it could have easily been taken last year as well. My guess is that this was about 3:00 in the morning. Holly's acting drunk from her top-bunk bed, and Dale's hanging out, probably serenading us with songs we've requested or scaring Holly into cussing rages by playing horror movie music. Those nights were plentiful in number and memories.

This is also an all-too-familiar scene from this year. Justin and Ryan for a long time were frequenters of the 231. And more often than not, they were performing illegal sex acts on one another. They're not around much anymore, but images like this will forever be branded on my heart and mind. So what if that means I need counseling?

Every day in the Freak Suite is Western Kentucky Appreciation Day, but sometimes, you just need to set aside time to acknowledge your roots. Loud country music, crazy hats, and Uno brought our true selves out of the woodwork. Only in the Freak Suite is such behavior acceptable.

And where else could a pseudo-band called Chili Was A Nickel be born? That's right. The Freak Suite.

The Freak Suite keeps it real with retreats. On this night, we dressed all in red, sat on Santa's lap, and cried uncontrollably throughout Love Actually. This was only one of the many retreats we've gone on. The ultimate thus far being the John Mayer concert in Louisville over spring break. From now on, however, these outings will be more accurately dubbed Freak Suite Reunions.

Another perk of living here? Beating the living crap out of each other. Hardly a day goes by without someone physically assaulting someone else. Like today, Ashley and Holly are continuing their C'mon, let me poke you in the eye routine, and I stabbed Val in the hand with a pair of scissors. Sorry, Val. I forgot they were scissors.

For the last three semesters, Holly and I have been roommates. They say you cannot live with your best of friends, but it's not true. I guess you have to be a certain kind of friends. We're them. I guess that it's agreed upon that we're not the typical duo. It doesn't matter how much we disagree on certain things (and not that we do that very often), there is some mental makeup that we must have that's identical.

Holly, there was nothing more I dreaded than having to tell you that I was going to move out. It wasn't that I thought you would be mad. I knew that you would understand, but maybe it's harder to leave on a good note than a bad one. I should've known that it would take more than this to shake this friendship we've built on hundreds of emails, thousands of memories, millions of laughs, and approximately 270 nights in Springer College. But for a couple days, while we were getting used to the idea, things just seemed different. But do you know when I knew everything was going to be okay? When we were standing in front of that elevator in Faculty Hall and I called it "The Silent One" when I really wanted to call it "The Silent Killer," and you called it that. It was at that point that I came back to my senses and realized that somehow God wired our brains together in such a way that we don't even understand. Something tells me that's never going to change, even though our friendship has taken drastically different forms over the years. I think Ben got it right when he said, "Some things never change. Some things never stay the same."

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

well, ain't that a whoopin'

in my ears
make yourself
artist: incubus
song: drive

Thank goodness my grammar class is dead and gone. However, I effed up royally on the final. Okay, so that which I speak of is probably not going to count against me too much, but my pride has taken a serious blow. The last part of the test was a composition. We had to write a paragraph about what we learned this semester. I decided that I would say a little about the difference between writing in Standard English and speaking the language. I thought I was going be cute and say something to this effect: "Understanding the difference separates the grammar Nazis from the wielders of words." But, oh! I had the greatest internal conflict known to man. Is it I before E except after C, or is this one of those exceptions? Well, as you can see in my spell-checked version of the word as printed above, it is indeed no exception to the rule, but I had convinced myself it was weild. I'll never forget it now because, despite how much I pride myself on my ability to spell, I spelled the word wrong on my grammar final. On my grammar final! I feel so defeated.

To add to my angst, I decided to check out the PIN system for kicks. I was looking at my account balance and mourning the price of summer tuition when I noticed a little extra fee. They have finally charged me for that stupid, stupid book they claim I never turned in. It's some text book I used in my final project for my library class, and I know I turned it in. It was on February 26, the last day of Bruton. I've called the library concerning this twice. They can't find the book. The stupid thing probably fell behind the cart or something because I vividly remember flipping through it to make sure I didn't leave any paper in it and then dropping it in the slot. But because it disappeared before they put it in the computer as returned, I get charged sixty-five freaking dollars. Life isn't fair, I tell you. No, indeed.

and then it came to me in a vision

Last night, I was reading blogs linked off of Blogger's list of ten most recently published blogs. I don't read every blog listed before I refresh the page to get a new list of ten journals. I can usually flip through several blogs before I get to one I will even read. As I was doing this last night, I asked myself, What makes a worthy blog?

First, the name must hook me. The title of the site is what is listed on the Fresh Blogs list. If the name of the journal is My Life or Bobby's Blog, I'm not likely to click. Now if the name is something like Through These Eyes or Barrel of Monkeys, the bloggers will probably elicit a visit from me. And I admit, sometimes I visit a blog with the mundane names, but I will not go to one that looks like this: ~*_tori's journal_*~. What is all that mess?

Once I arrive, it's about the layout. One of the things I look for in a blogger is creativity. Therefore, when I recognize the template as one of the ones provided by Blogger, points are lost. This doesn't necessarily take the author out of the running though. Sometimes I arrive upon the first publication of that blog, and they just haven't had the time to get a new template. However, not any template suits me either. I have a hard time dealing with blogs with celebrity themes. Can I really trust an author whose background is a scene from Lord of the Rings. (Note: I'm not hating on LOTR. I like the movies, but is the trilogy all there is to this person?) C'mon. Personalize! And this doesn't mean it has to be corner to corner bells and whistles. Honestly, I would prefer a standard issue Blogger template to something like that. Simple is good. Less is more.

Because it's all in the content. I don't demand perfect grammar. Hello, I don't use it myself. I do, however, expect correct spelling. I like punctuation. I can guarantee you that I'll hit the back button before you can say "goodgarner" if I see something like this: "2nite wuz good me larry n danielle went too the movie............i couldnt beleive how it ended this morning i seen the pre-veiw on tv but anywayz........tommarow nite were gonna CaMp OuT!!!!" Ladies and gentlemen, that type of writing is out there. And I'm not reading it. But not every intelligent person acquires my readership. I don't care to read political commentary. I also look to see if this person maintains the blog. If this is the first post in ages and the post before that is dated long before that, I probably won't come back. It's waste of my time. It's not all in the quanity either. Quality matters. If someone has posted seventeen times that day with one-liners, I'm not impressed.

Yeah, so I'm not quite sure why I just spent all that time explaining what makes a blog worthy of my readership. I guess I find it interesting that I definitely judge the book by its cover, but its what's on the inside that counts. So I suppose I'm shallow. You may have the best blog content in the world, but if the name sucks and the layout doesn't suit my fancy, I'll never know.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

days may be sunny or cloudy

in my ears
lady in autumn:  the best of the verve years
artist: billie holiday
song: come rain or come shine

I woke up at 6:30 this morning. Crazy, I know. (Actually, Val just called me a "crazy cat" for listening to Billie Holiday. Whatever, I 'll take that as a compliment, haha.) Anyway, I got up and took a shower before my 8:00 am final because I also had a 10:30. But while I was sitting here still asleep, this bird flew up and chilled on our window sill. So of course, I took a picture.

I had a lot of time between my first final and my second one, so I went to library and chilled for a while. While I was there I read some insert in last Saturday's Gleaner (That's the paper at home.) that was a history of Henderson through headlines and pictures and stuff. It was fun, but that still didn't fill up all my time before the sociology final. I went and took some pictures in Faculty Hall. This one is on a bathroom stall door on the first floor. I think it used to be an information sticker about relationship violence, but over the years it has been vandalized a little bit. I think it's kinda neat looking. I know one of the things it says is "YOUR GOD IS DEAD. YOU KILLED HIM." If you look closer, you can see where someone wrote "GOD IS ALIVE!" over top of that. And for some reason, someone wrote "TALK" on top of all of that. And underneath all of it seems to be paragraphs of words. Make what you want out of it, but I think it says a lot about ideas and communication between people.

I've wanted to take this picture for a little while. I don't know why. It's from the fifth floor. I should've taken it from the seventh. Oh, well.

And this is that imprint of a magnolia leaf on the sidewalk between the Fine Arts Annex and Oakley Applied Science. I like it. It's so perfect.

Monday, May 03, 2004

behind small doors

I mean I really, really, really do not want to do anything of productive nature. The blog will be my ultimate demise.

Today, I went into the Springer lobby for a little mail check. (Check it out now. It's the mail check song.) Behind the wall of tiny doors, I hear voices. I opened by little box, and on the other side I see, through my copy of YM, Rachel and Liz, the silliest RAs. Because it is finals week, they get the honor of doing the mail. They also get the honor of harassing poor students who just want their parcels. I pulled out my mysteriously obtained magazine and started chatting it up through my mailbox. Rachel decides she's going to give me somebody else's mail a couple times. No. That's not a federal offense at all. Anyway, that was just a fun little time. And I wonder just how offensive it is to have a eensy-weensy door slammed in your face. Very Alice in Wonderlandish, I imagine, but I don't know. I should ask Rachel, 'cause she knows.

Yeah, so where'd this YM come from? I have no idea. I sure didn't subscribe. And since when does it stand for "Your Magazine" instead of "Young and Modern"? So this afternoon, Holly and I sat around reading this fine publication. How on earth did we ever read this stuff as gospel truth? It's beyond me, but we sure did. I was an avid reader of Seventeen. I didn't necessarily try to live by their advice, but I read it and believed it. You know, that is very sad. How do those writers aging in the mid-twenties live with themselves after feeding these barely teenage girls such garbage?

As you can see, this afternoon when I wasn't reading my astrological forecast for May and studying the spring fashions, I was constructing that list of links off to the right. I think they're fun. Check 'em out. Most of those I use on a regular basis.

Yeah, well, I need to study for humanities and look over my sociology study guide. Catch y'all two finals from now.

greek or geek

Getting Winslow to-go during finals week is a sort of tradition for me, I suppose. Eating my lunch out of a styrofoam box in front of the computer reminds me of finals week anyway. Actually, I ate a lot of Winslow to-go during the beginning of ths semester. That was before Val and I became lunch buddies. Sheesh, that was a while back.

So, yeah. I had the Hovie final. I could not have done better on it even if I had studied, but I sho' didn't. I knew it wouldn't do me any good. And it's not that I did poorly. No. I'm just the Greek goddess of literature. Okay, so I just spent the past ten minutes trying to figure out the name of the goddess who holds dominion over literature, and I've no luck. Yeah, there are a couple of the Nine Muses that I could relate to, but shoot. Apparently, I just need to be added to the Greek Pantheon. Okay, so I'm not that good. But I think I did a fine job on that final.

I stopped in the Curris Center on my way back from Faculty Hall to get a friend a graduation card. I had two English classes with the girl last semester, and for some reason, I promised her I would buy her a Hallmark Fresh Ink card come graduation. I've only seen her a few times this semester, but I guess I better make good on my promise. While I was in the bookstore, I noticed the freshman reading experience book for this summer, and I'm jealous. Do you know what they are reading? Freaking Rocket Boys. That's the book that October Sky was based on. I bet it's a good book. It has to be better than All Over But The Shoutin' and Nickel and Damned, right?

Speaking of books, under my little list thing off to the left there, I have a link to my wishlist. Actually, there is only one book on it right now, but whatever. Talking about books reminded me. So just in case you ever want to buy something, there's the list. And you can order it used off of for a much better price. (Do I get any kind of payment for plugging Oh, well.)

Well, I'm sitting here telling Jackie how I'm going to work on my new blog layout over the three weeks I am home this summer, but man. I really want to play with it right now. I only have four more finals to take and two more papers to write. No biggie at all. And it's not like I need to pack or anything. Nope. So it looks like I have all kinds of time to exercise my geekity. Wait, no matter what I do, I'm a geek. If I study, I'm a geek. If I write papers, I'm a geek. I'm a start packing in advance, I'm a geek. And heaven forbid, if I work on my webpage, I'm definitely a geek. I guess I'm at a loss, huh?

Here's a thought to finish up on. At the end of this week, I will have officially endured an entire month's worth of college finals. Now if that doesn't make ya feel like your time is well spent, what does?

Sunday, May 02, 2004

fact: rate of blogging increases in relation to nearness of finals

As you can see, Holly and I are no more than four years old. And we can't do anything without the other one copying.
Take this photo from Captain D's. Here, I have dumped my ice cream cup upside down in my cake package. (You also have to take into consideration that we both got chocolate cake and ice cream...) Well, she followed, so I put my drink cup on top. As did she. So then we did a little Babel buildin' and ended up with fork prongs in straws and cake package tops perilously dangling.

And just to prove that we can't do anything without the other one doing it, you'll notice, if you check, that she's posting this picture on her blog as I type. :-)

i don't wanna

in my ears
artist: santana (featuring rob thomas)
song: smooth

I don't want to do anything. I don't want to work on my papers. I don't want to pack. I'm not exactly certain what I do want to do. I need to take a shower. I need to write my Hovie paper and study for my Hovie test. The paper is due at the final tomorrow. I'm in a predicament because out of all the essay options for the test, the only one I want to write is the topic for my paper. I can't write both of them on the same topic, so I am going to have to make some adjustments. I guess I'm going to have to figure out a way to successfully show my "breadth of knowledge," as he calls it. Bleh. I don't want to do any of it. It's like senoritis for sophomores, it is.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

i feel like these pictures go together

We went to the Almighty Movie World last night, and Val and I got Jones Sodas. This is my lid.

The West Indian guy named Apollo in our humanities class prides himself on writing crap on the board before class. He's the most annoying non-trad on the face of the planet. This is his work. That fellow in the picture is just one of the two members of the Gate of Geeks. He's making googly eyes at his lover, Barry.