Saturday, May 01, 2004

may showers

Yeah, so it's supposed to be April showers bring May flowers, but today, we've been looking at some spring showers. It's kinda fun. It's probably going to storm again tonight. You know, as long as I'm not getting blown away by a tornado, I like storms. That's about all the rebellious nature I have in me. I was brought up to fear storms. It's just the way I was raised. Well, Dad is mortified of any kind of weather, essentially. Mom, on the other hand, is stubborn and would just as soon sit in the living room and have a tornado pass to spite Dad. It's funny really. But it always turns into a big uproar. So I just like to enjoy a storm, you know. But get back with me when I'm living by myself and a big storm hits.

Well, classes are over, and that's a great relief. I'm not going to stress out too much over finals. I'm just going to get through the week. I'm not going to cram for hardly any finals. I'm going to do a little reviewing, and then do what I can. It's not worth stressing over.

I do have to do a lot of packing. That I'm not looking forward to.

Okay, so I'm tired of writing. I'm going to get a shower and then do my laundry.

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