Wednesday, March 31, 2004

momma bird

She was chilling under this bush. We spied her as we were walking through the Springer breezeway.

momma bird

Tuesday, March 30, 2004


from the mural at johnson theatre

I love this painting. It is one of many that line the long wall of the lobby in Robert E. Johnson Theatre. The mural displays scenes from theatrical productions, tracing the history of the art. I'm not a hundred percent, but I think it is supposed to be Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof. It is my favorite part of the entire mural. I photographed it in black and white, though it is in color, but I wanted to show how much contrast it has. I love the shadows and highlights of it. Maybe that's the cheesy psuedo-art student of olden times coming out in me, but hey, I guess that's who I am. Anyway, some time last week, I was meandering around campus with my camera, and I decided to go into the theatre lobby. I felt so misplaced in there, and I got the sense that I was sneaking around. I sensed a little disdain from the art/music/theatre/dance students who were sitting on the steps smoking because they know who belongs and who doesn't. At least that's how I felt. I guess three semesters of art and a year of pretending to be a thespian in high school isn't enough. I mean, come on, I took THD104 for Pete's sake... Eh, so I shot the picture and got out of dodge.

That's about all I've got folks. I don't really have much to say, but I felt like saying something. So there.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

it dissipates and soon evaporates

edward scissorhands
film: edward scissorhands
starring: johnny depp

I just got through watching Edward Scissorhands with Ash and Val. I cannot believe I've never seen that movie before. I remember being a kid and being absolutely mortified when I saw someone watching it. But, oh. It's great. I think ol' Johnny Depp is growing on me. I don't guess I've seen too many of his films. Hmm. I've seen Pirates of the Caribbean, of course, and From Hell. I've seen parts of Blow. I saw both What's Eating Gilbert Grape and Benny & Joon before I knew that was him. And I kind of want to see Secret Window. I never really thought he was hot or anything, but I guess there is something really seductive about that mysterious, strung-out look.

So today's been about lazy. I've read, what? Three pages of The Awakening, if that? But I did get some new sandaly shoes and a haircut. Yup, four inches off the hair. But with the long flowing mane I have, that's really not all that much. And I came back and straightened it. I haven't done that since chili was a nickel. Fun times, indeed.

Well, I guess I'm kinda sleepy, so I'll consider going to bed. Peace, dawgs.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

helloooo, spring

in my ears
the battle for everything
artist: five for fighting
song: 100 years

Spring has sprung, and it makes me happy. My only complaint has been the four thousand degrees it's been in the room. But, alas. Today, I purchased a wonderful Shadow Mayes fan. It's superior to all fans. And his name is Phal. I love Phal. All love Phal.

So a few decent things have happened in the past couple days. One, of course, being that spring has arrived. Secondly, LT cancelled grammar class for next week altogether, AND Hovie Hovis said, "Hey, I'm Hovie Hovis, and I'm hot. I also think we won't have class on Thursday. 'Cause I'm Hovie Hovis." So I don't have class on Thursday. Now, that's what I'm talkin' about.

Well, this warm weather's got me narcoleptic. I just want to sleep. I can't sit still for five second without nodding off. So I might be heading that way here in a few minutes. After, of course, I untangle the wadded mess that is my bed.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

i shall be leaves

visitation of spirits and awakening

I hate my grammar class. I'll let that be known. Today, Jennie and I decided that the day we do professor and course evaluations will be the day of doom for ol' LT. I finally got my test back--a month later. I got a 76. That really makes me confident in my major--and my language, for that matter. I think only one person made an A in the whole class. *grumble grumble*

On the other hand, there was Hovie. Nothing spectacular has to happen for this to be good, but there is nothing like hearing the words 25 tips on how to be hot in bed come from that mouth of his. And for those of you who know how he pronounces his Os, symposium was music to my ears. Goo mother, he's beautiful. And he let us out something like thirty minutes early today, and ladies and gentlemen, that's not Hovie-like. I think he felt guilty for assigning so much reading and our paper to be due. He moved the syllabus forward, so now I have an extra day to read. Good, because I only read about twenty pages of The Awakening. I'm going to go settle in with that and A Visitation of Spirits for a nap. I really do have intentions to read. I'm just so tired...

Sunday, March 21, 2004

i love playing photographer

I spent a lot of today taking pictures again. I wonder when my fascination will wear off. Anyway, a great theme of mine today was trees that I played in and around as a child.

At Wanamaker.
wanamaker baby evergreen and hickory nut

wanamaker hickory nut

At Nana's.

At home.
red bud with nest

And here are some other shots I took today.

In front of my house.
white flowers in front of house

Behind our barn.
rolls of fence wire

At Wanamaker.
wanamaker fence row and wagon

At the old Poole bank.
old poole bank fan

On my way back to Murray.
41a hunter hill due south

one way off of 109 providence

293 railroad crossing

my new best friend

Last night, I got my camera. Canon PowerShot SD100 Digital Elph. I wanna give a shout-out to Dale for getting me the hook up. Anyway, it was love at first sight, and today, I spent hours getting rainy and muddy while I tromped around my yard. I also parked my car in the middle of the road several times, and I did a lot of trespassing. I took well over a hundred pictures today, but I'll show you some of the ones I particularly like.

The tulip poplar in our front yard is in full bloom.
tulip poplar

I found these milkweed pods just hanging out on the barbwire fence between our land and my uncle's.
milkweed pods

It seems the trashier the subjects I found, the better they looked in black and white.
tin roof and fence wire

I risked my life more than once prowling around the Poole Mill.
poole mill white door danger

And nothing makes for good black and white pictures like the scenery around a cemetery.
old salem post and road

old salem branch

Friday, March 19, 2004

why do you always gotta act like you're drunk?

in my ears
get born
artist: jet
song: are you gonna be my girl

I can't believe this spring break is already practically over. I've got tonight and this weekend. And ladies and gentlemen, are you aware of what I've accomplished this week? That's right. Nothing. So I'm going to be freaking out 'round about Monday night when I still haven't written my Hovie paper or anything else that I should've gotten done. But I just kept giving myself the excuse that, hey, it's spring break. I'm about the most pitiful person...

So last night I finally did some socializing. Holly, Dale, and I went to Evansville and sat at Logan's Roadhouse talking for what? Three hours? Then we played around at WalMart for a while, and then we went back to Dale's house for some good ol' fashioned sitting around listening, singing, and playing music. Very much reminiscent of this past summer.

Tonight, I'm not really sure what the plans are. It doesn't matter, though. Just getting out is good. Maybe I'll have tales of adventure when I return. Maybe not.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

now that st. patrick's day is actually here, i don't know what to name this post

We've gone on and on so much about this holiday that by the time it arrived, it's been worn to a frazzle. After today, our November through March anthem will be out of season. :-( He needs to write a song for April through October, dang it. And then it could be, "We'll be alright if it was just 'til Cass's birthday." Okay, that doesn't work out very pretty. But his birthday is two days after mine, but "my birthday" doesn't fit very well either. Halloween doesn't either. It needs four good syllables. Ah! Got it.

No way that April will see our goodbye
May brings tornadoes, and it's obvious why
No one wants to be alone at wedding time
Come Fourth of July, it's 90 outside
August starts school for the hundredth time
September has nothing that will fit this rhyme
And if our always is all that we gave
And we someday take that away
We'll be alright if it was just 'til
Columbus Day!

Okay, so it's got some syllabic issues, but hey, that chorus there covers seven months while the actual song only covers five (but he does give June a shout-out in the bridge of Clarity, but who's counting?). Maybe I should send this to John and he could play this song in his encore year-round! Yeah-freaking-right.

Ladies and gentlemen, what you have just witnessed has been a symptomatic feature of boredom and procrastination. May this be a warning. Don't let it happen to you. And remember, friends don't let friends get bored.

Monday, March 15, 2004

beware the ides of march

beeby john in loo-uh-vuhl

So that's really not the best picture of John I've ever seen, nor is it a very good reflection of his beauty that night. Oh, well, that's the only picture I could get a-hold of to put on here. Hmm, where to start? When we got there, we all about died when we saw how close our seats were. Goo is about the only word to describe it. Guster opened, and they were actually pretty good. They didn't play long at all in comparison to how long John played, but of course, I just wanted them to hurry up and get off stage. Then John came out. I think all four of us claim he made eye-contact with us. Oh, yeah. And he played some songs. ;-) And the set looked like this:

Bigger Than My Body
Why Georgia
Something's Missing
Great Indoors
No Such Thing
My Stupid Mouth
Back To You
Your Body is a Wonderland
Come Back To Bed
St. Patrick's Day

...on paper. But in reality, it was much better. The magnitude of Back To You and St. Patrick's Day actually making it to the set is huge. But when he came out for the encore and pulled out an acoustic, people all around were thinking out loud and saying it was Comfortable. Well, anybody who knows anything about anything knows that Comfortable is capoed up on the third fret, and there was no capo. Instead, I was seeing a little seventh, eighth, and ninth frettage, and I knew it was SPD indeed. That's how close we were, folks. I could sit there and count down the fretboard. Anyway, there was a great little segment where he made his guitar talk like a girl. I'd give anything to have that on tape. And then there was the Stevie Ray Vaughan jam before Come Back To Bed, and I must say, it could be considered the best part of the show. But it was all so good. The show we went to in Champaign was good, but this. This, my friends, was so much more. Okay, I'll quit sounding cheesy and stuff. I'll just say what's really important here: I want to give birth to a nation of children that belong to him.

we girls become lovers or something-or-others

Boy, do I really have a lot to tell. What a weekend with John, whew-wee! But I'm beat, and I gotta go to sleep. But it's been a couple days, so I thought I'd touch base with that world out there. That's if anybody's checking up on me. I miss y'all (...or ya'll. I'm really having a crisis over the spelling of this. Thank you, ENG328...), but it's good to be out of the Murr for a few days. Tomorrow, I'm starting in on the wonderful world of reading and writing. But I want to start it off right. With a whole lot of sleeping. Gooood night.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

spd '04

Tonight's St. Patrick's Day party was just plumb great. We decorated with green balloons, streamers, and banners. We served cupcakes, cake, cookies, and lemonade--all green in nature. We had crafty little souvenirs. (Okay, so they were wooden craft spoons that I scrawled shamrocks and "SPD '04" onto with a green Sharpie.) Oh, and there were really cute and festive paper plates and napkins. We had John Mayer's "St. Patrick's Day" set to repeat on the CD player. Everybody wore green, and we took a picture. We also played a wonderful six rounds of Scattergories. The evening was a success. Holly and I really should have been doing other, more productive things instead of spending hours WalMarting and decorating for the shindig, but it was too much fun. This is why I love college. You don't have to make sure everybody can show up to your gathering a month in advance. You simply send word down the hallway, and people come a-flocking. And who knew St. Patrick's Day could be such a hoot? And it's a full week before the holiday actually occurs...

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

and if our always is all that we gave and we someday take that away...

I just feel the need to share that I just got through with ol' Huckleberry Finn, and I must say, I'm proud. It's not all that long of a book. And I like to read. It's just that a lot of times, I'm lazy, so I find ways of getting out of actually reading books. And Huck, he's a good one.

Now that I've got that done, I need to start in on some other stuff. I have a couple hundred things to do for grammar. Geez, how I hate that class... And I need to make my bed. You know, we gotta have the room all pretty for the SPD party. Then I have to go to some Federico Garcia Lorca impersonator or something for a Spanish culture credit. Hopefully RCC will be cancelled tonight. I don't want to get chewed up one side and down the other like I did last night by ol' RLF... *whimpers*

I must leave you with this. John is immortal. No, not John Mayer, but John Mayer Cusack. He is one fine mother betta. I realized today that he's just like a puppy. When he sees me get his food out every morning, he all looks at me and wags his tail, and I swear, as I reach over to drop the food in, he follows my hand. He's just so smart, you know. And it's amazing the poor boy's got a brain cell one because we've strangulated, starved, beat, and poisoned that fish like I don't know what. Here's to you, John.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

boys and girls alike, you need this

sexy john at the sexy rodeo with the sexy cowboys

words will go from poetry to prose

in my ears
room for squares
artist: john mayer
song: not myself

Mornin'. I somehow managed to have a lot of extra time this morning, so why not blog, I thought. I have all this extra time because I should be studying for a grammar quiz. Oh, well...

We did just spend about five minutes figuring out how we could get every shred of John Mayer possible shoved into Holly six disc-changer for the trip to Louisville Friday. And I think we've succeeded. The following CDs will be present: Inside Wants Out, Holly's Room for Squares with wonderful underground bonus tracks, Heavier Things, both discs of Any Given Thursday, the best boot-leg, underground concoction of John songs ever, Bobby's Too Big. (I just had an internal conflict over italicizing Bobby, but yeah, it's definitely a title of a work.) We will, however, be missing John's new song "Hummingbird" that he's guaranteed to play Friday night, but we'll be okay. Honestly, right now, we don't care for it too much. We've decided it's not really his song, and he doesn' want to sing it. What's really happening is that somebody's threatened him with his life, and he must sing it. We can forgive him. *sigh* What'll really happen is that we'll get there, hear the song, love it, and wish that we'd liked it to begin with so we could've appreciated it at the show. We've been there and done that. Thank you, "Tracing" and "St. Patrick's Day."

So I figured out what classes I might be able to take this summer. I'd be taking a class for all three five-week sessions. Biology for the first, film and literature for the second, and some sort of education class for the third. It's a lot really, and two out of those three will probably be 8:00 am classes. I'm talking to Hammurabi to see what he has to say about it today. Goo, I also need to be getting on top of this apartment-finding business. So much to do, and as usual, so little time...

Monday, March 08, 2004

beautiful are the packages delivered from the hands of ups men

Hello. It's been a couple days, I guess. What has happened?

Saturday, the folks came down and we chillled in Calvert with my sister. Yesterday, I did what is slowly becoming a tradition of mine. I spent much of the afternoon in the park. Sunday afternoon in the park. Isn't that a painting or something? [Note: I did a little research. Not only is it the name of some works of art, it's also a Van Halen song. Huh.] So I sat in my car (it was cold) for something like four or five hours reading, writing, and watching. Boy, there are some strange people who patronize the Murray-Calloway County Park. My favorite had to be the old man in the old clunker of a car that park parallel with the sidewalk (normal people park perpendicularly with the sidewalk). He sat there for forty-five minutes before getting out of the car, staring intently into the thicket of trees, picking up a stick, and throwing it at an unsuspecting squirrel. Or maybe the squirrel was not only suspecting, but also conspiring because the man walked around his car, opened and shut the driver's door, walked around the car again, picked up another stick, threw it at the same squirrel, got into his car, started it, and in unison, the squirrel and this crazy old man sped off in different directions. I'm not certain what the meaning is of what I witnessed.

Today, I think it is safe to say, has been good. First of all, humanidades has been "cancelled" for Friday. Secondly, I got my Spanish test back. 86. I'm satisfied. That's an eleven point improvement, and he said anyone who made a 78 or more on the test can more than likely get an A in the class. I don't understand how that works, but I'll take his word for it. Thirdly, and maybe most importantly, we received the John Mayer tickets today. The show is on Friday, and I'm thoroughly excited. Friday is going to be heavenly enough with the advent of spring break. Oh, how I'm ready for it.

Welp, I have lots of reading to do. And some homework that I've been avoiding. Ah, and I have to prepare for my meeting with Hammurabi tomorrow. Sometimes I wish that I had a real advisor who could actually advise me.

Saturday, March 06, 2004

when i can't find the words on my own

I worry
I weigh three times my body
I worry
I throw my fear around
But this morning
There's a calm I can't explain
The rock candy's melted, only diamonds now remain

By the time I recognize this moment
This moment will be gone
But I will bend the light pretending
That it somehow lingered on

And I will wait to find
If this will last forever
And I will wait to find
If this will last forever
And I will wait to find
That it won't and it won't because it can't
It just can't
(It's not supposed to)

Was there a second of time I looked around?
Did I sail through or drop my anchor down?
Was anything enough to kiss the ground
And say I'm here now?
And she is here now

So much wasted in the afternoon
So much wasted in the month of June
How 'bout you?

And I will wait to find
If this will last forever
And I will pay no mind
When it won't and it won't
Because it won't
And I will waste no time
Worried 'bout no rainy weather
And I will waste no time
Remaining in our lives together

John Mayer, "Clarity"

Thursday, March 04, 2004

you don't need no herr clip

There are just some days when I love my major. Besides the fact that we spent the entire classtime in my grammar course today talking about capitalization, I like English. We're talking about ol' Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in Hovie, and it's a blast. I've never actually read the book, even though I'm sure I was supposed to a hundred and three times in high school. It's actually pretty good, and the conversations we have in that class are great. I really do get excited about all this stuff. It's so great to feel comfortable where you are...

It is amazing. The weather, that is. It's not exactly a pretty day, and it is indeed something like 100% humidity out there. But I love that it's warm. When seasons change, it always reminds me of certain things. You know, fall makes you think of school starting. Spring weather reminds me of KIRIS/CATS testing. Whatever we called it. I'll go old school and call them achievement tests. And today, though I'm not sure what it means, felt like a very skip-class-worthy day. Just like yesterday was very nap-worthy. (And boy, did I take advantage of that...) I enjoy the first days of weather change, though. I always do. I appreciate the change because soon enough, I'll not be content with the weather. That can be said for just about every type of change...

Tuesday, March 02, 2004


There were many good things about today. One, I showed my grammar professor up. We had a little grammatical disagreement, and I won. Two, Hovie's babies are my babies. I scored a 102 on my midterm. Three, this weather has my face rocked off beyond recognition. Four, Justin came by to study for Ed (which we never did), and we went out and ate. Good times with a little Camino, Maroon 5, Nick's pizza thing, and WalMart.

Those are really the highlights of the day. I need to finish reading A Doll's House for humanidades. I also need to study a little for Ed, but the possibility of that is questionable. The rest of this week shouldn't be bad. I have a lot to read. We have that freaking bid packet as well. But once it's over, it's over. Well, until we have to do that skit, but there is plenty of time for procrastination in that respect. What I really need to be doing this week is figuring out what I'm going to do this summer. I'm seriously considering kicking it here in Murray for the break, but that means I have to figure out what classes I'm taking, actually get into those classes, get an apartment, get financial aid, get a job, and the list goes on. I've come to a rather simple conclusion. Being an adult sucks. Okay, not yet. The prospect of doing all this stuff actually sounds kinda fun, even with the challenge. But alas, how long will it be before I change my mind?

Monday, March 01, 2004

to the bat cave

It has been a while, eh? Well, this weekend was pretty good. DiscipleNow itself was kind of a big fizzle, though. I found out when I got to the church on Friday that our youth minister and his family are going to go to another church. I really love David and his family, and I am going to miss them very much. But I understand that things happen for a reason, and change inevitably works out for the best. But that whole situation seemed to put a damper on the whole weekend. Even though the weekend itself wasn't exactly the best time ever, I'm thankful for the preparation it took. It got me focused.

Things in Murray are alright. Today's been pretty average. A delicate balance of good and not so good. Classes were fine. I did have that Spanish test, but it wasn't nearly as horrendous as that last one. The weather's been warm, but it's just nasty out there. A nice mix of sunny but clouds, bright but gloomy, warm but wet, breezy but humid. But the birds are singing and chirping, and that's good.

I have a lot to do today. Actually, I have a lot to do this week, and I just want to use today to get most of it done. Holly's going home for a doctor's appointment, so things are going to be very, um, solitary in the 231 this afternoon and evening. But that's cool. Gives me time to get this stuff done that I need to. But I really want to take a nap. I think I'm just going to go ahead and take one to get it over with. Then I can get up in an hour and do all those other things.

Adios. Voy a tener una siesta. Buenas tardes.