Monday, March 08, 2004

beautiful are the packages delivered from the hands of ups men

Hello. It's been a couple days, I guess. What has happened?

Saturday, the folks came down and we chillled in Calvert with my sister. Yesterday, I did what is slowly becoming a tradition of mine. I spent much of the afternoon in the park. Sunday afternoon in the park. Isn't that a painting or something? [Note: I did a little research. Not only is it the name of some works of art, it's also a Van Halen song. Huh.] So I sat in my car (it was cold) for something like four or five hours reading, writing, and watching. Boy, there are some strange people who patronize the Murray-Calloway County Park. My favorite had to be the old man in the old clunker of a car that park parallel with the sidewalk (normal people park perpendicularly with the sidewalk). He sat there for forty-five minutes before getting out of the car, staring intently into the thicket of trees, picking up a stick, and throwing it at an unsuspecting squirrel. Or maybe the squirrel was not only suspecting, but also conspiring because the man walked around his car, opened and shut the driver's door, walked around the car again, picked up another stick, threw it at the same squirrel, got into his car, started it, and in unison, the squirrel and this crazy old man sped off in different directions. I'm not certain what the meaning is of what I witnessed.

Today, I think it is safe to say, has been good. First of all, humanidades has been "cancelled" for Friday. Secondly, I got my Spanish test back. 86. I'm satisfied. That's an eleven point improvement, and he said anyone who made a 78 or more on the test can more than likely get an A in the class. I don't understand how that works, but I'll take his word for it. Thirdly, and maybe most importantly, we received the John Mayer tickets today. The show is on Friday, and I'm thoroughly excited. Friday is going to be heavenly enough with the advent of spring break. Oh, how I'm ready for it.

Welp, I have lots of reading to do. And some homework that I've been avoiding. Ah, and I have to prepare for my meeting with Hammurabi tomorrow. Sometimes I wish that I had a real advisor who could actually advise me.

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