Tuesday, March 23, 2004

i shall be leaves

visitation of spirits and awakening

I hate my grammar class. I'll let that be known. Today, Jennie and I decided that the day we do professor and course evaluations will be the day of doom for ol' LT. I finally got my test back--a month later. I got a 76. That really makes me confident in my major--and my language, for that matter. I think only one person made an A in the whole class. *grumble grumble*

On the other hand, there was Hovie. Nothing spectacular has to happen for this to be good, but there is nothing like hearing the words 25 tips on how to be hot in bed come from that mouth of his. And for those of you who know how he pronounces his Os, symposium was music to my ears. Goo mother, he's beautiful. And he let us out something like thirty minutes early today, and ladies and gentlemen, that's not Hovie-like. I think he felt guilty for assigning so much reading and our paper to be due. He moved the syllabus forward, so now I have an extra day to read. Good, because I only read about twenty pages of The Awakening. I'm going to go settle in with that and A Visitation of Spirits for a nap. I really do have intentions to read. I'm just so tired...

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