Monday, March 15, 2004

beware the ides of march

beeby john in loo-uh-vuhl

So that's really not the best picture of John I've ever seen, nor is it a very good reflection of his beauty that night. Oh, well, that's the only picture I could get a-hold of to put on here. Hmm, where to start? When we got there, we all about died when we saw how close our seats were. Goo is about the only word to describe it. Guster opened, and they were actually pretty good. They didn't play long at all in comparison to how long John played, but of course, I just wanted them to hurry up and get off stage. Then John came out. I think all four of us claim he made eye-contact with us. Oh, yeah. And he played some songs. ;-) And the set looked like this:

Bigger Than My Body
Why Georgia
Something's Missing
Great Indoors
No Such Thing
My Stupid Mouth
Back To You
Your Body is a Wonderland
Come Back To Bed
St. Patrick's Day

...on paper. But in reality, it was much better. The magnitude of Back To You and St. Patrick's Day actually making it to the set is huge. But when he came out for the encore and pulled out an acoustic, people all around were thinking out loud and saying it was Comfortable. Well, anybody who knows anything about anything knows that Comfortable is capoed up on the third fret, and there was no capo. Instead, I was seeing a little seventh, eighth, and ninth frettage, and I knew it was SPD indeed. That's how close we were, folks. I could sit there and count down the fretboard. Anyway, there was a great little segment where he made his guitar talk like a girl. I'd give anything to have that on tape. And then there was the Stevie Ray Vaughan jam before Come Back To Bed, and I must say, it could be considered the best part of the show. But it was all so good. The show we went to in Champaign was good, but this. This, my friends, was so much more. Okay, I'll quit sounding cheesy and stuff. I'll just say what's really important here: I want to give birth to a nation of children that belong to him.

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