Wednesday, March 10, 2004

and if our always is all that we gave and we someday take that away...

I just feel the need to share that I just got through with ol' Huckleberry Finn, and I must say, I'm proud. It's not all that long of a book. And I like to read. It's just that a lot of times, I'm lazy, so I find ways of getting out of actually reading books. And Huck, he's a good one.

Now that I've got that done, I need to start in on some other stuff. I have a couple hundred things to do for grammar. Geez, how I hate that class... And I need to make my bed. You know, we gotta have the room all pretty for the SPD party. Then I have to go to some Federico Garcia Lorca impersonator or something for a Spanish culture credit. Hopefully RCC will be cancelled tonight. I don't want to get chewed up one side and down the other like I did last night by ol' RLF... *whimpers*

I must leave you with this. John is immortal. No, not John Mayer, but John Mayer Cusack. He is one fine mother betta. I realized today that he's just like a puppy. When he sees me get his food out every morning, he all looks at me and wags his tail, and I swear, as I reach over to drop the food in, he follows my hand. He's just so smart, you know. And it's amazing the poor boy's got a brain cell one because we've strangulated, starved, beat, and poisoned that fish like I don't know what. Here's to you, John.

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