Wednesday, March 17, 2004

now that st. patrick's day is actually here, i don't know what to name this post

We've gone on and on so much about this holiday that by the time it arrived, it's been worn to a frazzle. After today, our November through March anthem will be out of season. :-( He needs to write a song for April through October, dang it. And then it could be, "We'll be alright if it was just 'til Cass's birthday." Okay, that doesn't work out very pretty. But his birthday is two days after mine, but "my birthday" doesn't fit very well either. Halloween doesn't either. It needs four good syllables. Ah! Got it.

No way that April will see our goodbye
May brings tornadoes, and it's obvious why
No one wants to be alone at wedding time
Come Fourth of July, it's 90 outside
August starts school for the hundredth time
September has nothing that will fit this rhyme
And if our always is all that we gave
And we someday take that away
We'll be alright if it was just 'til
Columbus Day!

Okay, so it's got some syllabic issues, but hey, that chorus there covers seven months while the actual song only covers five (but he does give June a shout-out in the bridge of Clarity, but who's counting?). Maybe I should send this to John and he could play this song in his encore year-round! Yeah-freaking-right.

Ladies and gentlemen, what you have just witnessed has been a symptomatic feature of boredom and procrastination. May this be a warning. Don't let it happen to you. And remember, friends don't let friends get bored.

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