Tuesday, March 09, 2004

words will go from poetry to prose

in my ears
room for squares
artist: john mayer
song: not myself

Mornin'. I somehow managed to have a lot of extra time this morning, so why not blog, I thought. I have all this extra time because I should be studying for a grammar quiz. Oh, well...

We did just spend about five minutes figuring out how we could get every shred of John Mayer possible shoved into Holly six disc-changer for the trip to Louisville Friday. And I think we've succeeded. The following CDs will be present: Inside Wants Out, Holly's Room for Squares with wonderful underground bonus tracks, Heavier Things, both discs of Any Given Thursday, the best boot-leg, underground concoction of John songs ever, Bobby's Too Big. (I just had an internal conflict over italicizing Bobby, but yeah, it's definitely a title of a work.) We will, however, be missing John's new song "Hummingbird" that he's guaranteed to play Friday night, but we'll be okay. Honestly, right now, we don't care for it too much. We've decided it's not really his song, and he doesn' want to sing it. What's really happening is that somebody's threatened him with his life, and he must sing it. We can forgive him. *sigh* What'll really happen is that we'll get there, hear the song, love it, and wish that we'd liked it to begin with so we could've appreciated it at the show. We've been there and done that. Thank you, "Tracing" and "St. Patrick's Day."

So I figured out what classes I might be able to take this summer. I'd be taking a class for all three five-week sessions. Biology for the first, film and literature for the second, and some sort of education class for the third. It's a lot really, and two out of those three will probably be 8:00 am classes. I'm talking to Hammurabi to see what he has to say about it today. Goo, I also need to be getting on top of this apartment-finding business. So much to do, and as usual, so little time...

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