Friday, March 19, 2004

why do you always gotta act like you're drunk?

in my ears
get born
artist: jet
song: are you gonna be my girl

I can't believe this spring break is already practically over. I've got tonight and this weekend. And ladies and gentlemen, are you aware of what I've accomplished this week? That's right. Nothing. So I'm going to be freaking out 'round about Monday night when I still haven't written my Hovie paper or anything else that I should've gotten done. But I just kept giving myself the excuse that, hey, it's spring break. I'm about the most pitiful person...

So last night I finally did some socializing. Holly, Dale, and I went to Evansville and sat at Logan's Roadhouse talking for what? Three hours? Then we played around at WalMart for a while, and then we went back to Dale's house for some good ol' fashioned sitting around listening, singing, and playing music. Very much reminiscent of this past summer.

Tonight, I'm not really sure what the plans are. It doesn't matter, though. Just getting out is good. Maybe I'll have tales of adventure when I return. Maybe not.

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