Sunday, March 28, 2004

it dissipates and soon evaporates

edward scissorhands
film: edward scissorhands
starring: johnny depp

I just got through watching Edward Scissorhands with Ash and Val. I cannot believe I've never seen that movie before. I remember being a kid and being absolutely mortified when I saw someone watching it. But, oh. It's great. I think ol' Johnny Depp is growing on me. I don't guess I've seen too many of his films. Hmm. I've seen Pirates of the Caribbean, of course, and From Hell. I've seen parts of Blow. I saw both What's Eating Gilbert Grape and Benny & Joon before I knew that was him. And I kind of want to see Secret Window. I never really thought he was hot or anything, but I guess there is something really seductive about that mysterious, strung-out look.

So today's been about lazy. I've read, what? Three pages of The Awakening, if that? But I did get some new sandaly shoes and a haircut. Yup, four inches off the hair. But with the long flowing mane I have, that's really not all that much. And I came back and straightened it. I haven't done that since chili was a nickel. Fun times, indeed.

Well, I guess I'm kinda sleepy, so I'll consider going to bed. Peace, dawgs.

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