Wednesday, May 19, 2004

i've these dreams

I've been having some strange dreams lately. The one I had the other night was just weird. It involved a random assortment of people that I haven't seen in years, some of my close friends, and folks I know (some not so intimately) from Murray. It is one of two, maybe three, dreams I've had that actually had a plot. This one even had a moral to it. To save you from suffering the confusing details, let's just say that you shouldn't talk about people behind their backs. There are secret agents recording everything you say, and they just might strap down everyone you know and play your recordings so they can hear. And these secret agent dudes will do anything--you owe them money.

See, I don't know where this stuff comes from. That dream was just kinda strange, but the one I had last night really disturbed me. In my dream, there was this group that I apparently rode the Faculty Hall elevator with every day. This, too, was a random assortment of folk, but they were mostly just people I've seen on campus. One day, somebody got a little ticked off and shot one of the other people in the elevator. Yeah, that was bad and all, but it didn't seem to be such an issue until the next day, when another one of our elevator crew decided to bust out the nine on someone else among us. Then the situation was devastating. For most of the dream, I was moping around campus because I was so misfortunate to be on FH elevator four during both shootings. That's what is so disturbing. This dream had very clear, vivid details. And the people in it were real. It wasn't one of those dreams where people don't look like themselves or anything like that. I know exactly who the victim was the second shooting. I know that UF was present for the first shooting, but he wasn't for the second. Not sure what that means. There are several other people who made appearances, but due to the nature of this dream, I just don't want to say. And I know the first one was on St. Patrick's Day. And contrary to most dreams, the second day was actually the chronological March 18.

I have suspicions that a lot of the details of both of these dreams can be explained. Hmm, like while Dale and I were in Evansville last night, we saw a liquor store called Apollo Liquor, and the god Apollo is important in the story of Troy. See, that might explain why our good friend Apollo showed up in last night's dreams. (Sorry, Holly. He wasn't one of the vicitims.) But still, that dream will probably haunt me for a while. I don't consider myself superstitious, but I'm not so sure I'll take elevator four in Factuly Hall on March 17 or 18 in the future.

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