Sunday, May 30, 2004

before i go

'Tis far better to live and love and grow
Than to never have your heart broken, never have to know
The pain of losing someone or part of your soul,
But if you never love, you never have to let go.

--July 18, 2002

I found this in an old journal while I was cleaning out my trunk. I spent a big part of the day rearranging and packing. I leave tomorrow (well, today, technically) to move back to Murray. In all acutality, this is probably my last time at home when it seems like I'm doing more than visiting. I figure I won't be home much this summer with gas prices so high, and during the couple weeks between summer classes and fall classes, I should be settling into my new place.

I met Ashley in Poole today so that she could give me the key to the apartment. (She stayed there the last two weeks while she was taking a class.) We ended up standing in the bank parking lot talking for about an hour. She's the first person from school I've seen since we came home. It was good to catch up and get the quick and dirty on the apartment. I'm a little nervous about living in an apartment that someone else is responsible for, but I'll survive.

I'm pretty ready to go. Well, I'm not completely packed, but getting the rest together tomorrow shouldn't be too bad. The big problem is that it's supposed to rain tomorrow. That's a great thing when you're trying to haul belongings in the bed of a pick-up. Hopefully we can cram everything into my backseat and trunk and the cab of Dad's truck. If not, I'll be putting a whole bunch of faith in some tarps and bungee cords. That's promise.

Well, I'm dag-gone tired. I fell asleep about 4:00 this morning and got up at 9:30, and let me tell you, that packing business can wear you out. I think we might be heading out at a fairly early hour in the morning, and I'm going to need enough energy to finish packing, drive down there, and move in. So this is it from Poole. See you in Murray.

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