Wednesday, May 05, 2004

well, ain't that a whoopin'

in my ears
make yourself
artist: incubus
song: drive

Thank goodness my grammar class is dead and gone. However, I effed up royally on the final. Okay, so that which I speak of is probably not going to count against me too much, but my pride has taken a serious blow. The last part of the test was a composition. We had to write a paragraph about what we learned this semester. I decided that I would say a little about the difference between writing in Standard English and speaking the language. I thought I was going be cute and say something to this effect: "Understanding the difference separates the grammar Nazis from the wielders of words." But, oh! I had the greatest internal conflict known to man. Is it I before E except after C, or is this one of those exceptions? Well, as you can see in my spell-checked version of the word as printed above, it is indeed no exception to the rule, but I had convinced myself it was weild. I'll never forget it now because, despite how much I pride myself on my ability to spell, I spelled the word wrong on my grammar final. On my grammar final! I feel so defeated.

To add to my angst, I decided to check out the PIN system for kicks. I was looking at my account balance and mourning the price of summer tuition when I noticed a little extra fee. They have finally charged me for that stupid, stupid book they claim I never turned in. It's some text book I used in my final project for my library class, and I know I turned it in. It was on February 26, the last day of Bruton. I've called the library concerning this twice. They can't find the book. The stupid thing probably fell behind the cart or something because I vividly remember flipping through it to make sure I didn't leave any paper in it and then dropping it in the slot. But because it disappeared before they put it in the computer as returned, I get charged sixty-five freaking dollars. Life isn't fair, I tell you. No, indeed.

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