Saturday, May 29, 2004

i probably thought this post was about me

It's good to see that I'm so vain that I risk people's and my own life by taking pictures of myself as I drive down the road. I do what I can to keep the roadways safe, folks. I do what I can.

Last night I went out with Dale, Tim, Danielle, and her baby. By "went out" I mean we went and got some Shuttlese out by WalMart and then rented some movies. Well, Dale rented Peter Pan and bought Blue Collar Comedy Tour. We decided to go with the rental first, but when the "severe thunderstorm" knocked the power out for a few seconds resetting the DVD player, we decided Pete was boring us to death, and we were gonna switch over to the stand-up comedy. But before that, we decided to make a food run, and we discovered the storm had knocked out more than the power. Trees crossing the road had us trapped for two blocks. That siren wasn't kidding. There were trees down all over the place. And we kept asking ourselves, "And we missed this for Peter Pan?" Oh, well. We got back and watched Blue Collar Comedy Tour, and all those suggestions people had made, telling me that I absolutely had to see this DVD, were right. It was so funny, I made Mom buy it tonight at WalMart and watch it when we got home. Good stuff, indeed.

This afternoon, I went to the Whirlpool plant in Evansville for Uncle Pook's retirement party. He's been helping supply the world with refrigerators for 41 years, so I figured I might as well go along and celebrate with him. Mom volunteered me as the event photographer, so I took something like 80 pictures. We used the handy-dandy Kodak Picture Maker at WalMart and printed off a bunch of them. We're going to put together a photo album and give it to him as a gift at his other retirement bash next weekend. (That's right. My family has to celebrate momentous occasions at least three times before they can be considered official.) Anyway, we got to take a tour of the plant, and I must say, it is really neat. Nothing like watching a six-foot tall kitchen appliance getting shrink-wrapped by an automated machine. Or fighting fork lift traffic. Or wearing OSHA approved safety glasses. :-)

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