Monday, May 03, 2004

greek or geek

Getting Winslow to-go during finals week is a sort of tradition for me, I suppose. Eating my lunch out of a styrofoam box in front of the computer reminds me of finals week anyway. Actually, I ate a lot of Winslow to-go during the beginning of ths semester. That was before Val and I became lunch buddies. Sheesh, that was a while back.

So, yeah. I had the Hovie final. I could not have done better on it even if I had studied, but I sho' didn't. I knew it wouldn't do me any good. And it's not that I did poorly. No. I'm just the Greek goddess of literature. Okay, so I just spent the past ten minutes trying to figure out the name of the goddess who holds dominion over literature, and I've no luck. Yeah, there are a couple of the Nine Muses that I could relate to, but shoot. Apparently, I just need to be added to the Greek Pantheon. Okay, so I'm not that good. But I think I did a fine job on that final.

I stopped in the Curris Center on my way back from Faculty Hall to get a friend a graduation card. I had two English classes with the girl last semester, and for some reason, I promised her I would buy her a Hallmark Fresh Ink card come graduation. I've only seen her a few times this semester, but I guess I better make good on my promise. While I was in the bookstore, I noticed the freshman reading experience book for this summer, and I'm jealous. Do you know what they are reading? Freaking Rocket Boys. That's the book that October Sky was based on. I bet it's a good book. It has to be better than All Over But The Shoutin' and Nickel and Damned, right?

Speaking of books, under my little list thing off to the left there, I have a link to my wishlist. Actually, there is only one book on it right now, but whatever. Talking about books reminded me. So just in case you ever want to buy something, there's the list. And you can order it used off of for a much better price. (Do I get any kind of payment for plugging Oh, well.)

Well, I'm sitting here telling Jackie how I'm going to work on my new blog layout over the three weeks I am home this summer, but man. I really want to play with it right now. I only have four more finals to take and two more papers to write. No biggie at all. And it's not like I need to pack or anything. Nope. So it looks like I have all kinds of time to exercise my geekity. Wait, no matter what I do, I'm a geek. If I study, I'm a geek. If I write papers, I'm a geek. I'm a start packing in advance, I'm a geek. And heaven forbid, if I work on my webpage, I'm definitely a geek. I guess I'm at a loss, huh?

Here's a thought to finish up on. At the end of this week, I will have officially endured an entire month's worth of college finals. Now if that doesn't make ya feel like your time is well spent, what does?

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