Monday, May 17, 2004

just don't leave me alone here

Good evenin'. Mine's been okay. We went to Jeri's. Again. I'm quite tired of that place. I know that soon enough I'll miss the family bonding, but how did I ever survive hanging out with my family like I used to? I love sitting around and talking with them, but man, some of the places we go get old quick.

Today, Mom and I went to church. Then, Dad joined us on our trip to Evansville. Actually, we were originally going to go to Madisonville, but Dad slid into my backseat with a Harbor Freight catalog in hand. I think he broke the bathroom sink just so he'd have an excuse to buy tools. Every time Dad goes to Harbor Freight, it's like Christmas. It's this big warehouse-type place full of tools and other various items. Sometimes they have cute little funnels or levels. You know. Girly, purse-sized tools and what-not, which makes having to go in not so bad. Personally, I think the place is pretty chintzy and could be likened unto those jewelry and purse warehouses that grate on my last nerve. Imagine a man's version of one of those. Anyway, Mom and I sat in the car and listened to John, as I usually do. Actually, I usually sit in the car and people watch, er, man watch. These men think they're the epitome of manliness because they're strutting up into a supersized hardware store. Every now and then, I'll catch one that's about the quality of the Tror (Does that suddenly look like it's short for "Trogdor" to anyone else?), and it is somewhat hilarious.

As I sit here and try to think of something else to say, ol' John the Fish catches my eye. He's been quite active these past couple days. I'm not sure what it is, but my guess is that it's because Crossroads has been on about six million times. No joke. John Mayer puts this fish in a good mood. I was explaining that to Mom the other day.

Me: Look at him. He gets all crazy when he hears John.
Mom: Well, he ought to. That's his daddy.
Me: No, Mom. Get it right. John Mayer's his mommy.

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