Tuesday, May 11, 2004

ah, i must be fine 'cause my heart's still beating

I slept today. And then I watched TV. It's weird, it being summer and all. But I took advantage of it, seeing as I'll soon not have these luxuries. Bybee called me at like 11:30 to ask me if we're turning the internet off in the apartment. She expected me to be awake. Yeah. Right. When I did wake up, I ended up watching some E! and ABC Family. Yeah, that landed me with the likes of 101 Most Starlicious Makeovers, Step By Step, whatever that Olsen twin sitcom is, and Full House. These are sad times indeed.

Anyway, tonight Dale and I went to see Van Helsing. After all the drawing from hats and flipping of coins that said we were going to see Laws of Attraction, we didn't go see it. My feelings weren't hurt too much, but as we decided, it might have been less cheesy than Van Helsing. Ah, but at least Hugh Jackman's hot.

Well, I'm absolutely sleepy, but I am curious as to what my grades are. Stupid PIN system isn't up, and it's supposed to start working at midnight. Oh, well. I found out last night thanks to Blackboard that I got an A in grammar. I was surprised, seeing as how ol' LT and I had a mutually hateful relationship. Nah, she didn't hate me, I don't think. But I never hesitated to tell her what I thought. Her and Cat-Dawg. Stupid English teachers bring the best out in me, I swear. After all, I am the lord of the dance. (I so almost typed lord of the rings, but is it all so very different?)

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