Sunday, March 25, 2007

It's just this thing the seasons do.

I acknowledged my station in adulthood yesterday. I bought a living room suit. Sofa, chair, ottoman. Goodbye futon, hello real people furniture.

Spring break is over, and it signals the homestretch for my last semester of classes. Next semester is student teaching. That's it. Then graduation.

But there's lots to look forward to, you know, besides being an adult. Like going to Austria and assorted other European destinations with my best friend.

And wearing my new wardrobe, here and abroad. It's not new clothes, really. I just had a wardrobe renaissance today. I rearranged it and ended up with something quite nice. It involves lots of flip flops, skirts, and necklaces. Quite girly, in fact.

Oh, and I made myself a purse tonight. A hobo sling, if you will. Joy of joys.

On a family excursion to WalMart, I laid the most superficial (er, girly) stack of purchases on the conveyor belt that I've ever seen. Us Weekly magazine, makeup, and the American Beauty DVD. Not that American Beauty the film is superficial. But, you know, the whole beauty thing.

It's warm. My apartment windows are up and the fans are on. Leaves are budding. Blooms are blooming. I'm happy indeed.

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