Monday, April 27, 2009

Afternoon Detention

I have D-Hall duty.
As if it's my punishment.
There are 7 kids in here.
2 reading books.
One boy has his lit book out.
2 girls seem to be writing notes.
One is doing her homework.

Then there's this kid in the back who looks like Stephen King.
Clearly his first D-Hall.
He's just staring, looking around.
Blank TV.
The girl next to him (homework girl) who probably thinks he's a creeper.

His name was just called over the PA.
His ride is waiting out back.
So he got up and left.
Clearly doesn't understand how detention works.

The other kids know.
Spaced evenly throughout the room.
No one talks,
No one sleeps.
They are surprised when I say,
"You can go."

This is not punishment.
This is quiet time.

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