Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Scattering vampires

My professor costume is complete. I was lacking a cross necklace, but I found in the craft section at WalMart exactly what I needed. A cross (with some Celtic looking knots on it) suncatcher! I made my own necklace, and even bought some beads to put on it so it'd match my dangly earrings that are also a part of the get-up. While adding finishing touches and adjusting my huge necklace in the mirror, I thought of Flavor Flav. Anyway, I know I'm waaay too into getting this costume right. I even bought a collar and leash for a stuffed cat. It'll be worth it.

Tonight will be very interesting. I can't wait to see how people have decided to replicate different professors' styles. I tell myself that I can't stay for very long, but I know I will. I should be here writing Short Story Number Two. I've got four pages of it written, and yes, it's due tomorrow. Eh, oh, well.

Morgan canceled both classes today. Very wonderful. That's what gave me time to go to WalMart and get my costume stuff. So I thought that WalMart surely wouldn't be busy at noontime. Okay, yeah. I was very mistaken. Just for future reference, that place is always busy. Always.

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