Thursday, November 10, 2005

A testament to the times

Someone mentioned having to bring in some sort of cultural artifact -- like clothes, art, food -- from a Spanish speaking country for their class. And it reminded me of the day, just a few days before I left Spain, that Lola taught me how to make tortilla espaƱola. Now, I am craving it. I think I'm going to run to a nearby grocery and get some potatoes so I can make tortilla espaƱola.

It's practically the end of the semester. Final papers and projects have been assigned. Final exams have been spoken of. (So far, I'm going to have at least two open-book exams. That's new.) That means it's time for me to start wasting my time in hyper mode. I'll probably be working up a new blog design soon. A testament to the times.

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Anonymous said...

the real question lies then, b/f/f/, in what time you have class on MWF. the tickets go on sale at 10:00 on wednesday morning, and i figure we need to get there as close to that time as is humanly possible. we need tickets for me, you and holladaddy. if you have class during that time, i might just have to send nickafather at 10:30. let me know what is up. <3