Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A wake-up call

Presenting installment número tres, in which I get a wake-up call and realize that I'm up to my old blogging tricks again.

I made this last night, so to update the info: I did get the application mailed, and I did get my shot in the arm. It hurts. Wah-wah. And I slept even later today. Of course, if I want to wake up early in the morning, I probably shouldn't stay up half the night making a silly video blog. Though, I have to say that I am learning so much about revising and editing a "text" through this process. So I'm going to tell myself that this is an exercise in improving my writing. Right.

Possible future topic of discussion: the word adventure. Look out.


j.e.n. said...

you're a hoot cass. between you and the brothers green, i should hope to have many 4 minute installments of internet glee. you best be trying to keep this up in honduras!

ps: i'm hopping on the bandwagon and blogging again myself!

holly said...

you're funny, /. :D
"justin and ryan are here! omg! we went to winslow! omg!"

but more importantly, when do you come BACK from honduras?