Thursday, January 24, 2008

washed up goes vlogstyle.

I don't know what exactly I was trying to accomplish with this effort. It came off as a sort of pitiful mix between Reading Rainbow and A Current Affair, which sounds nice, but well. If you watch it, you'll see.

I wouldn't mind keeping this up, but it took nearly an hour just to upload the thing to YouTube. So I would have to come up with something worthy of vlogging to justify the time spent -- which was a LOT, despite the quality level -- on making/editing/uploading. And random books from my bookshelf with accompanying unenlightening discussion and my sort of irreverent reaction to Heath Ledger's death isn't good enough for me.



Elizabeth said...

cass! i LOVE this. in a few places i definitely laughed out loud, but mostly what i love about it is that it feels like you're hanging out in my flat and we're chatting about books and our irreverent reactions to heath ledger's death. i really hope you will do more of these. loved it.

Adrienne said...

i love you. and this. and the fact that the blinds sunlight makes it look like your shirt has stripes. haha

you are wonderful. what a great idea.!

allison said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your blog.
you should make one everyday that i can watch after work :)

Adrienne said...

addition: this totally takes me back to springer 2E and our conversations in the dorm room.

Anonymous said...

you! you secret haver!
so... i was enthralled. you shook the dust off a long day. i was going to say that you shook my dust, but that sorta sounds dirty. i look forward to the next installment. just showed nace, he liked it too. choos