Saturday, January 03, 2009

Bandwagons, ho!

It may not last for another twenty seconds, but I am -- watch me screw this lingo up -- twittering. Tweeting? Oh, what is it? Am I now so old-fashioned that I shouldn't be allowed a login on the website?

By way of being old-fashioned... I got organized last night. Well, with my yarn, at least. I bought one of those dorm closet shoe organizers at Big Lots and then Roy G. Biv-ed my yarn. My shoes, mind you, are piled up and pairless at the bottom of the closet and so they shall remain.

Who knew I had so much yarn? And this set-up doesn't even include my whites, blacks, grays, and browns. Nor the in-use, recently in-use, or soon-to-be in-use skeins. Just as with books, I buy more before I can read (or knit) what I've got. *sigh*
Here's to seven years -- some more interesting than others -- in the archive list.


holly said...

we've been doing this long enough to have seven years on our roll. wow.

i'm going to resolve to update more. you should too. love.

j.e.n. said...

i'm jealous of your yarn starsh. that's impressive!