Sunday, January 11, 2009


This is more than a lifeless blob. It is the beginnings of a cardigan. An actual sweater.

To see a completed and smaller version in a different color yarn of a different fiber, click here.

I'm knitting mine in Vanna's Choice Olive, which is acrylic and afforable, which I may regret for its texture, but this is my first sweater. I didn't exactly want to buy that delicious forty-dollar-a-skein alpaca just so I could mess it up.

So far, I've only forgotten to increase one stitch on one row. I don't think that's going to result in total lopsidedness -- yet. I keep thinking about how, when they were building the arch in St. Louis from the bottom up, they couldn't be a fraction of a degree off, or it wouldn't have met properly at the top. But I have to keep telling myself, This is a cardigan, not a landmark.

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j.e.n. said...

i am very excited to watch this project come together! i love that color!

my yoga mat bag is going to be done in approximately 14.5 rows and my next project is learning to lace by making myself a scarf. wheee!