Tuesday, May 03, 2005

here's to now and don't look back

I've been trying to blog for days, but I can't seem to get the Blogger site to open at home. And it's not running so smoothly here either. What's wrong with you, Blogger?

So I'm feeling better. Mom came down and took care of me this weekend. On Friday, I went to a real doctor in Paducah -- no more of this Health Services junk. Turns out, I had bronchitis and tonsilitis. And this fluid on my ears thing. I feel pretty much well, but I still can't hear anything. All noises get melded into one loud roar so that I hear everything except the people who are talking to me. It's strange and rather annoying. But I'm on some serious antibiotic, so things should be clearing up.

Speaking of things clearing up and disappearing, how about this semester? Here we are at the last week of classes. I've been trying my hand at the productive over-achiever gig again, just so I can kind of stay ahead. So far, I completed my content area unit for teaching reading something like two days before it's due. I finished the writing sequence the same day. Those two things are due today. Now I have to finish my writing unit, which means writing three more sequences and a 2-3 page philosophy of rationale before Thursday. And I have the two papers. A 5-8 page for BarbCobb and an 8-12 page for women's lit, both due on Friday. Once I have all that done, finals week should be a piece of cake. Three finals: philosophy, teaching reading, and Spanish. I made either a 98 or a 99 on the last test I took in all of those classes, so I'm not too worried. The Spanish one is the only comprehensive final, and it's going to be multiple choice.

I just really can't believe this semester -- this year! -- is over. In a matter of days, I'll be a college senior. Crazy, though it really doesn't mean much because I'll be a senior for a long time. And when the last final has hit the floor dead, I have a new thing to worry about: SPAIN! It's already less than a month away. 27 days, actually. After finals, I'll have a solid two weeks to get everything in gear for the trip. I'll need to be brushing up on some conversational Spanish and reading my Lonely Planet guide. I just haven't had the time. But now it's getting down to the wire.

Well, I need to start tackling the three last projects that are looming before me. But first, I think I'm going to look at the new bulletin and see just how much it would take to get a Spanish certification, too.