Tuesday, May 10, 2005

what's the point?

One final down. Two more to go. No worries.

I definitely just spent about an hour and a half updating the ol' Facebook. Back in the days when people cared, I just created an account and let people come to me. Now that it's not quite so integral to human life, I now have sent out several please-be-my-friend invitations and joined a ridiculous amount of groups. I feel better now that that's done.

So I basically came to work this morning, turned the computers on, left for an hour or so to take my philosophy final, and came back. Something about that is kind of funny. Maybe -- probably -- it's just me.

This whole blog thing's getting pretty darned boring isn't it? What am I, updating like once a month or something? It's just not worth it. And after finals, I won't have internet access because I'm going home for two weeks before I leave for Spain.

See ya when I see ya.


hollynicole said...

i need to know how long you're going to be here, because the last morning that you are here (if you leave before i do to go home), we have to go get breakfast sandwiches at hardee's. i hope you didn't forget. =)

love b/f/f/

hollynicole said...

we can go out to dinner or whatever if you want to tomorrow night. i blocked off a time between 5-7 and said, "NO I WILL NOT CHECK YOU OUT THEN I AM SPENDING TIME WITH MY B/F/F/!" also, we could do hardee's at 9:00 on friday as i am on call from 8-9. but i also said, "NO I WILL NOT CHECK YOU OUT THEN I AM DOING MY ANNUAL HARDEE'S TRADITION WITH MY B/F/F/!"

let me know if this is okay.