Friday, July 22, 2005

double shot

Could this design get more boring, what with the minimum content and appetite-dulling color? I doubt it. To make up for it, I'm going to bust out the second post of the day. Oh, the days when there was actually a readership and decent things to write for those few people.

I've been pretty computerless this summer. I think I got onto today for the first time this summer. I guess I had frequent computer access in Spain, but it was limited. If I ever had to look up a word, it was in Spanish anyway. Does it make me warped to find comfort in That's okay.

I had this really elaborate dream last night about this semi-famous blogger that I check in on every great now and then. I dreamed I met her, and she was actually a he. He had a restaurant in his house. Okay, I guess that's all I remember. Not so elaborate after all.

I also dreamed that someone, probably a witch from Sparks Hall, decided to change our course numbers over to the four digit system. I suppose this was a discussion about classes with some of those kids from other schools while I was in Spain that was infiltrating my thoughts. A few minutes ago, I had a huge scare because I was looking over the class schedule online in search of a possible elective swap. My television/computer screen situation makes stuff cram together, and I was seeing the RacerTouch entry codes (four-digit) smashed up against the department abbreviations. The actual course numbers (three-digit) had been shoved to the wayside. All I could see was 1096 ENG and 9018 SPA instead of ENG 309 and SPA 301. I thought my worst nightmare had come true: Having to relearn all the course numbers! Pardon me if I like knowing the numerical identification of my courses and the courses around me.

If it is at all possible, let me add the geekdom reigning here. I am excited about my teaching literature class. There are bunches and bunches of young adult novels listed on the bookstore website for the class. I might have my hopes up for no reason, though, because these are Dr. Brown's books. Dr. Brown -- probably because I almost ran over him on his bike that time -- isn't teaching the class anymore. Dr. Morgan is. But something tells me that he isn't going to take the time to pick a whole new booklist.

Sounds as if it's gonna get a little bit stormy here in Murray, K-Y tonight. I enjoy some rolling thunder every now and then.

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Jenny said...

Glad you're back in the blog circuit! I've been checking you every day to see if you had updated! (see you still have readers!) love you cass!