Tuesday, August 02, 2005

endless numbered days

These are interesting days. I'm sitting in my living room floor, looking up at the TV, wishing school would start. Not that this summer hasn't been good, but like I say, the first day of school is my favorite holiday. Holly's and mine after-Tom's trip to Wal-Mart turned my heart even more longingly toward planners, binders, and -- oh, my -- expandable accordion files. I have this innate need to organize. I'm currently talking myself into the all-mighty computer purchase, which would be an organizing machine, no? It's been a back-and-forth internal battle over it, but between Mom and Dale and anyone else who has seen my pitiful computer, I've about got myself convinced that it is a necessary purchase.

I've actually got lots of purchases on the brain. I just downloaded a Shins CD, and I'm rounding off the Iron and Wine CD that I partially downloaded. Good music. I've acquire lots of new music from folks this summer. The good thing about new friends and new friends of friends is the trickle-down effect of great music, nicely adding to my wide selection of listening enjoyment. In other purchases, I've finished off the entire available selection of the wonderous Harry Potter. I've still got the fifth and sixth books to read, but at least I own them now. Also, it would be quite nice to have a for-real bookshelf to begin housing my rapidly growing collection of books. But a bookshelf is a lifetime piece of furniture, an investment, if you will. So stacks and boxes will have to do for now.

But as I said, this is a summer of a different color. It will go down in my memory forever as the summer of Spain, Harry Potter, and the Tonsilectomy. That's right. Come Friday morn, I'll be tonsil-free, and livelihood-free, as well. We're looking at two to three weeks of recovery, which brings me right up on the start of school. So I need to get all my school preparations under way in these next couple days. I doubt all that'll happen. But a girl can dream, eh?

In completely unrelated news, have you ever felt like someone's tearing the world down around you? Okay, so maybe those are strong words. But in the past few days, those with wrecking balls and bulldozers have destroyed three buildings in Henderson: Walgreens, Lee's Famous Recipe, and -- worst of all -- Jerry's Restaurant. Maybe Jerry's needing tearing down, but oh, how many a childhood memory I have made sitting with my family as they drank endless cups of coffee and told stories. No matter the place, if you've got formative memories attached to it, it's hard to see it go. Here's to you, Jerry's. I'm sure Denny's will never be able to take your place.

Well, in the matter of a day, I've fallen deeply in love with Iron and Wine's song "Passing Afternoon." I might see if I can learn to play it. And I might actually order a computer. Maybe by the time I rouse out of my post-operation stupor, it will have arrived at my door.

Show somebody some love, won't you?

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Jenny said...

Cass I miss you too! I'm also scared to know what you might have found out about the Cabin!

Anyway, I hope that your surgery goes well and that you're fully recovered by the time school starts!