Monday, August 22, 2005


Well. I tore apart and boxed up the stupid bookshelf with a resentful "so that's how it's going to be..." And $336 worth of textbooks will just keep themselves in their University Bookstore box right where they are. I had to wrestle a pre-packaged box away from them because one class required me to buy roughly fifteen texts.

I have two copies of Bridget Jones's Diary, thank you, And I'm going to start one of them now.

I'm thinking about looking at my fiction-writing textbook. Mmm, Hovie.

And something's compelling me to look at my Strunk and White's from English 101. What's that all about?

Okay. Now that I've resigned myself to the complete loss that is the bookshelf, I have to move on. There are about three hundred things to do so that I can maneuver from place to place without tripping. Never mind that two-hundred pound box in the middle of the kitchen. I need a good guy (or girl) friend to come move it to the car so I can take it back to WalMart.

PDR just came up on random on my iTunes. That always bodes well.

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