Tuesday, August 23, 2005

on the eve

It's the official end of the summer. At 8:30 in the a. m. I'll (hopefully, if I don't oversleep) be trudging into History of the English language to kick off classes. Then it's a mad dash to Waterfield for "work" immediately after class. I get an hour and a half lunchish time before hitting 1:30 Spanish, followed by my once-a-week delicious three-hour dose of HH. Theeeeen (probably not this week, however) I'll be going to the BSU to hang out with international students. Oooh, I just realized that I could probably actually make it to luncheon at the BSU this semester. Nothing like $1 home cookin'. I'll need it in the middle of Wednesdays like that.

Well, I unintentionally ended my Realities on Campus tradition and took advantage of my last sleep-in day of my life. I'm not sure if I didn't set my alarm or if I turned it off in my sleep. Oh, well. I did, however, make to see Tom DeLuca (the hypnotist) after my lab worker meeting. A reasonable trade-off, I suppose.

I have completely not prepared for tomorrow. I did lie awake last night wondering what kind of books I'm going to tote with me on the ceremonious first day. Not that I came to any conclusion or anything. I don't know what I'm wearing, either. Not usually one of my utmost concerns, but you know. I might ought to go ahead and figure that out because I can see it now. I'll wake up at 8:32 and have to scramble out the door. No time for thinking.

Alright, I'm going to bed now, and maybe I'll fall asleep before daylight.

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