Friday, August 26, 2005

three is a magical number

Continuing this rather boring Friday afternoon, I'm redesigning the blog and looking at blogs. Randomly looking at my own, I found a survey that I'm going to do again. Originally answered on October 26, 2004. I think it's fun because some of the wishes I proposed the first time have been granted. I've read The Screwtape Letters (now, one of my favorite books) and I've visited Europe. Anyway. Without further ado...

Three things I'm wearing right now:
  1. Java-colored (as the sales lady told me), 3/4-length-sleeved, gathered-neck, and other such-styled shirt.
  2. A worn pair of jeans.
  3. My I-bought-these-in-Spain-at-the-open-air-market-in-the-rain earrings.

Three things on my desk:

  1. John, who might fancy a water-change.
  2. Five mosaic candle holders.
  3. Remy Zero's album, The Golden Hum.

Three things I want to do before I die:

  1. I still want to write a book.
  2. I want to go back to Europe -- specifically, the British Isles.
  3. I recently decided that I'd like to live in a house with a bunch of people. Not permanently, mind you.

Three good ways to describe my personality:

  1. I try to be as objective as possible. It sometimes works.
  2. I'm going to stick to the creative thing, though it comes and goes.
  3. I cannot stay mad at someone. Cannot.

Three bad things about my personality:

  1. I block myself off from people. I don't let myself need them.
  2. I sometimes make my mind up too quickly about situations and people, and too often I'm wrong. And then I've made an ass of myself. Kind of goes against that "objective" claim I made earlier.
  3. Indifference plagues me. Make it go away.

Three things I like about my body:

  1. My eyes.
  2. My hair.
  3. My mom tells me I have pretty lips. Ooookay.

Three things I don't like about my body:

  1. The feet.
  2. My hands.
  3. The general unhealthy state of it all.

Three things I say the most:

  1. These days, my computer lab account creation speech.
  2. "Sweet mother" just made a comeback.
  3. When I lose something, which is often, I go about in the Paloma voice saying, "Where's my [whatever I've lost]?" It's the Paloma voice that's important here.

Three places I want to go:

  1. Well, I think Seattle is on the list.
  2. Back to Europe, like I said earlier.
  3. Oxford. Figure that one out. I don't know.

Three names I go by:

  1. Cassidy.
  2. Cass.
  3. Sassy.

Three screen names I've had:

  1. call_me_cass
  2. cassalonezzz
  3. cassidynorvell

Three people I consider best friends:

  1. Holly.
  2. Dale.
  3. Mom.

Three CDs I couldn't live without:

  1. The Garden State soundtrack.
  2. Room for Squares, John Mayer.
  3. And now, Our Endless Numbered Days, Iron and Wine.

Three websites I visit the most:


Three books I want to read:

  1. I'm eventually going to finish Till We Have Faces, C. S. Lewis.
  2. Anticipating the seventh year of Harry Potter. Two years' wait.
  3. The Catcher in the Rye is still sitting on my bookshelf.

Three things that make me laugh:

  1. Guier's impression of Dr. Morgan.
  2. Seinfeld is officially the last good sitcom.
  3. Bridget's doing a good job.

Completely unrelated: Here's a belated R. I. P. to my man Peter Jennings. I see that Brian Williams is his official successor.

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