Thursday, August 04, 2005

what it all comes down to

in my ears
jagged little pill (acoustic)
artist: alanis morissette
album: jagged little pill (acoustic)

So I was kidding myself when I bought the accordion file, thinking I could organize all my education materials into it. I gleaned from shelves and my closet, and before I knew it, I had a pile of stuff up to my knees. Stuff just from education classes. Yeah. That cute, totable file looks like a pansy little nothing in that face of all forty pounds of that. So, I managed to separate it all into three piles and stick it under the futon. That's what I do. If I don't know what to do with something and it's a bit too fragile to be chucked all haphazardly into the closet, it can go under the futon. At least it's all together now, right?

But continuing with my back-to-school blitz, I went ahead and labeled my notebooks and folders for this coming semester. And yes, yes. I know. It's really not all that possible to make me geekier. Of course, you could look at my neatly lined up Harry Potter books on the shelf. So what if I just wanted to see what they'd look like all together?

And for your reading enjoyment, a list of things that I'ma loving right now:

This all-too-fun school shopping and preparation.

Green tea with mint. I drank it almost every day in Spain. Thank God I bought some at the airport before I left because I can't find it here. I'm enjoying it immensely before I run out.

Hanging out with Holly. It's unfortunate that we haven't been able to hang out this summer, but we do what we can to make up for it.

Justin. Got to see him tonight. It's been too long. And absences like this should never happen again.

All the music I've wrangled away from people. It's taken a lot of actually buying some albums to ease my conscience about burning CDs. Who am I kidding? But I'm currently finding time to listen to Alanis' new CD, some Iron and Wine, The Shins, Wilco, and Century Century: Unmastered.

Graph paper. I've been using it for my handwritten journal, and I have to say, those criss-crossed lines make me write differently. I like the way it looks. So much neater. Keeps it small and compact, which is always better.

Movie previews. I am pumped about The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and Goblet of Fire. I have to wait until the holidays to indulge, but oh, will I be there.

Lamps. That's right. I love lamp. I've recently had a new one added to my collection. I bought it off of Day, and it's on my kitchen counter. I've been able to function off lamp-light only, which creates a mood I rather enjoy.

All right. I think that does it for now.

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hollynicole said...

i love my b/f/f/ like whoa. t-minus 3 hours, 5 minutes till shuttlese time. i'm amped. i'm glad it was your dying, um, pre-surgery wish. hearts, harley