Thursday, August 25, 2005

i'll have a novel in mexico

Careers I should not pursue: Fashion design. Culinary arts.

I did some shopping yesterday. I got a two pairs of shoes, a shirt, and a pair of pants. And I still cannot make a new outfit.

I'm hungry. And I thought I'd make a pasta-and-cheese concoction. Barely edible. But I'm doing my best to eat it.

Day two of schooling. Okay. Three minutes a piece in my Morgan classes. Lots of fun reading. Lots of probably-not-fun reading. Lots of probably-not-reading-any-of-it-at-all-and-making-up-reading-journal-entries.

Ate lunch at 10 freaking a. m. What exactly is that? Turns out, there are several poor souls on campus that also have to eat that early. Of course, as I was leaving the T-Room, I saw people eating waffles. I had Subway. What. Is. That.

I went with Tessa for her lunch since we got out of Teaching Lit early. We talked Harry Potter. Love newfound depth of geekity. We promised each other we wouldn't wear robes and cloaks or carry wands to the Cheri. We also, somewhat ashamedly, discussed that Hogwarts, like Murray, is on the residential college system, and Richmond, what with the red and gold and lions, is our very own Griffyndor. Then we leapt off the footbridge because our geekity reached an intolerable level.

Did you know you can put digital pictures through one-hour developing on, and 4x6s are only 19 cents? You pick your order up in the store, of course. Thinking of testing the competency our local WalMart photo center to get those last few Spain pictures I failed to develop. If it works, I'll be in heaven. It's infinitely cheaper than the Kodak kiosk, and one hour doesn't seem so long when you're not already in the store.

Didn't print my syllabus for HELL tomorrow. That was, like, my one assignment. Way to start the year off right. I might try to dig out my old not-so-trusty Canon printer. I don't know if it has ink in it or not.

Took a tremendous nap this afternoon. I tell you. This school thing is wearing me out. Of course, I've gone basically from total bed-rest immediately to running all over campus. How about a 10:30 bedtime. Sounds grand.

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i love b/f/f/. we need to discuss the bday plans in detail soon.