Sunday, August 21, 2005


I'm back in Murray, and you'll never believe what've I've got. Besides two awkward empty spaces in the back of my mouth (I'm nicely recuperated), I have a new-to-me and massively huge television and a computer screen. Yes, yes. I talked myself out of the whole new computer thing. But after my built-in DVD player broke in my TV and my parents bought a camper in need of a television bigger than the three-inch set they're coping with, I'm giving it to them. And Sissy and Randy (strange folks, they are) had a 32-inch (sweet mother, it's big) TV and a 17-inch (sweet mother, it's big, as well) flat-screen computer monitor laying around. Not only can I watch TV (even though I don't usually all that much) and compute at the same time, but I can also see them both clearly from a mile away.

I still haven't finished Half-Blood Prince yet. Why, oh, why? I've suddenly found myself very busy. Speaking of books, I attempted to order Bridget Jones's Diary and Edge of Reason from I am now the proud (or not) owner of two copies of the first book. I have quite an issue to take up with the seller of the sequel. And continuing to speak of books, I need a bookcase, and I think I've got the Mom and the Dad talked into bookcase-shopping tomorrow. That, however, means we'll be doing long battle with every single Murray State student. Nasty crowds in the stores.

But did I mention how incredibly excited I am about the beginning of school? Incredibly excited.

I would be highly disappointed if there wasn't a production of Realities on Campus in order for sometime within the next couple days. I'm sure there is... I'll check some Great Beginnings schedule that is floating around the internet somewhere. Anyway, four years in a row. Can't miss it.

One more thing before I go. No, no. Three things. One, I got an A in my Spain class. Hoorah. Two, I've been place to work in Waterfield again this semester. Hoorah. Three, I just realized that I'm going to have two lunch-time classes back-to-back with Hammurabi on Tuesday and Thursday this semester, which absolutely negates any excitement that might have been perceived by those two previous hoorahs. Well, it does seem that all things will eventually balance themselves out in time.

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