Monday, August 22, 2005

welcome back

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
film: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Well, I know I've already been here for a day, and the truth is that I've been here off and on, though a bit sporadically, all summer. But it now feels like I'm back. I went to WalMart twice today. That definitely counts for something. First, I went with Mom and Dad and got my DVD player and a rather cute bookshelf. After finishing Half-Blood Prince (I swore I'd do it before school started), I began assembling my shelving system, which I had somehow imagined it would pop out of the box fully assembled since it appeared to be some sort of collasping contraption on the in-store display. How I wish it was one of those elusive no-assembly-required deals. Whoever did the pre-assembly put a nuts-and-bolts thingy in the wrong hole, screeching my nifty handiwork with the Allen wrench to a halting stop, sending me back to WalMart to the uncharted waters of the hardware department in search of what I was certain would remedy the situation. Oh, no. So I'm a tad inept with tools and their functions. I whined, stomped my feet, and hung up my Allen wrench. And put in a DVD.

Yes, yes. A new DVD must accompany the new DVD player, right? It's only fitting. And WalMart has, since I've come near the rack, put up some new nine dollar and thirteen dollar movies. I couldn't find Love Actually. I was going to break down and buy it. But I did find Eternal Sunshine, which I snatched up immediately. I also saw Fried Green Tomatoes, but I decided to hold off. There is also Garden State, an obvious purchase. However, Mom already bought it for me, along with October Sky, like six months ago. BUT WE CANNOT FIND IT. A tragedy, indeed. I've put Mom on the hunt for them -- again.

Okay, I'm completey distracted by the movie. And everything that's been brought in here in the last twenty-four hours has just been tossed about, nowhere near its proper place. And I've got a half-finished bookshelf in the middle of my kitchen floor. Somewhere inside me lives a little neat freak. She's also a morning person, an over-acheiver, and all those things. I said she's little. Tiny, really.

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