Tuesday, October 26, 2004

from a long line of bloggers

in my ears
artist: century century
album: seattle '98 bootleg

This little thing here has quite a lineage, one I'd rather not recount, but it is my duty to keep it alive.

Three things I'm wearing right now:
  1. The girliest socks I own. They have little purple flowers across the toe and around the ankle.
  2. The jeans I wear practically every day. They're about to give out.
  3. And um, a white half-length sleeved, boat-neck shirt.

Three things on my desk:

Okay, you must first know that I don't have a desk. It's the trunk in the middle of my living room floor I'm using as a coffee table, which I am, in turn, using as a desk.

  1. The Dido CD that Ashley let me borrow to burn.
  2. My Quik Tune guitar tuner that decided to somewhat die yesterday.
  3. The stack of really cute blank-inside cards that I, once upon a time, thought I'd send to my FY girls. Ha.

Three things I want to do before I die:

  1. Write a book. I don't know what kind.
  2. Travel outside of this continent.
  3. Fall in love, of course.

Three good ways to describe my personality:

  1. Understanding.
  2. Insightful.
  3. Slightly creative, on good days.

Three bad things about my personality:

  1. I can get a little defensive.
  2. Too often, my attitude is one of indifference.
  3. I have the confidence of a pissant.

Three things I like about my body:

  1. The color of my eyes.
  2. Some days, my hair.
  3. Yeah, that's about it.

Three things I don't like about my body:

  1. My feet.
  2. My fingernails.
  3. My everything else.

Three things I say the most:

  1. "...and all that jazz."
  2. I find that "quite" is one of my favorite adverbs.
  3. As is "indeed."

Three places I want to go:

  1. The New England states.
  2. An Asian country.
  3. A European country.
    (I know. I tried to be as specific as possible.)

Three names I go by:

  1. Cassidy.
  2. Cass.
  3. Sassy.

Three screen-names I have had:

  1. cassarole220
  2. cassadiddy4
  3. cassidynorvell

Three people I consider best friends:

  1. Holly.
  2. Dale.
  3. Mom.

Three CDs I couldn't live without:

I tried to limit myself to one John Mayer CD, but I realized I couldn't. Then after I decided it would be a random choice between three, I couldn't think of another CD I really couldn't live without. So here they are. Count 'em. Three John Mayer CDs. I can live without them. They're just my favorites.

  1. Room for Squares
  2. Heavier Things
  3. Any Given Thursday, Disc Two

Three websites I visit the most frequently:

  1. blogger.com
  2. dictionary.com
  3. hotmail.com

Three books I want to read:

  1. The Screwtape Letters, C. S. Lewis
  2. My People's Waltz, Dale Ray Phillips
  3. The Catcher in the Rye, J. D. Salinger
    (I know. I can't believe I haven't read it either.)

Three things that make me cry:

  1. Being yelled at.
  2. Losing someone, regardless of the means.
  3. The most random things can make me cry if I haven't for a long, long time.

Three things that make me laugh:

  1. Random outbursts, i.e. "Daddy!"
  2. My family, in all their retarded glory.
  3. When someone, usually Holly, and I say the same crazy thing at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Cass... I think I laughed for a good, full 2 minutes about the random outbursts one. That was awesome! (*still chuckling*)

hollynicole said...

i have to get the seattle '98 bootleg. i was supposed to get it today, but i didn't get to meet the boys because i think i have strep throat. :'( eeenyway, i have catcher in the rye if you would like to bar-ree it over christmas break.

Anonymous said...

You are listening to Seattle '98 Bootleg! And everyone is jealous. But you and I know: It's shit! ;)