Wednesday, October 06, 2004


I'd never really thought about it until today in class. Someone used the word "dissipate," and I automatically thought, "It dissipates and soon evaporates, but home life doesn't change." I never realized that words had formed an associative bond with that song, but why would I be surprised? My brain is a tightly woven web of associations. I guess everyone's is. Otherwise, we wouldn't learn. But mine is a little hyperactive.

Way to start the last two posts with a John Mayer lyric conversation.

Big news: I finally got my very own key to the Applied Science lab, so I can let myself in when I get to work instead of having to wait for my boss. Yay.

I'm a little busy, I guess. I have conversation class here in a few minutes, and then Jennie, Tessa, and I are meeting to study for our BarbCobb test. And I'm supposed to have an earth science quiz in the morning, so I guess it wouldn't hurt to look over that a little. But at least I don't have Shakespeare tomorrow. Like Dr. Brown himself said, we're quite lucky to have the assistant dean of our academic college as a professor. He has all kinds of important excuses for cancelling class.

I am so out of everything here. I need bread, sugar, laundry detergent, and all kinds of other things. I keep forgetting to go to WalMart. I guess I could actually do that today after I leave the BSU. That is if I can get away before it's time to meet my study group. Conversation class has a way of lasting forever, but it's lots of fun. And I guess I could go to that now. If I could get up. I'm sitting in the floor. And my entire right leg is asleep.

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