Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Ah. At last, a moment to rest. Nevermind fall break. Mid-terms encompassed something like three weeks, and today saw the last of it. It is been an adventure. In the past twenty-four hours, I have waded through the depths of a flooded Olive Boulevard while the tornado warning siren was sounding to get to the library to study for my Shakespeare mid-term, and I've migrated from Faculty Hall to the library in the middle of said exam due to an unfortunate fire drill. Shakespeare, sirens, and the library. All very pleasant things. All the more pleasant when combined and repeated. But they're over.

Dr. Brown graded our papers while we took the exam and returned them before we left. B+. I'm satisfied. He said it is an A paper, but I should more carefully proofread. Well, dear, it would have helped if I had proofread to begin with. I hardly ever proofread papers, and it is my downfall. I am so exhausted by the time I finish my paper, I don't feel like proofing. And many times, I'm writing the last sentence three seconds before class starts. Who has time to look for mistakes? I should definitely change my ways.

I had another last-minute run-in with the library at about 5:28 this afternoon when I was printing off my stuff for the teaching demonstration we were to be prepared for. At 5:30. I barely made it to class on time. I might have been a little late. Either way, I indeed slid into my seat like Zack Morris. Turns out, I successfully avoided having to do my demonstration tonight. I go next week, and I am so grateful. So at 5:25 next Tuesday afternoon, I'll be scrambling to rework my lesson plan. I never learn.

I did however learn a new word tonight. Sprachgefühl. Wonderful Bill gave his demonstration tonight, and he began by explaining this word to us. It's a German word meaning "language feeling." It describes our intuition to speak our native language. We just know the words feel right. I've always been aware of this concept, but I never knew the word. Anyway, it's especially relevant when talking with non-native speakers. I think it's so interesting that we have an intuitive bond with our native language. Something to think about.

For the past couple weeks, this apartment has been turned upside down. Wherever something has landed after its use, that is where it has stayed. I'm out of groceries for the most part. I had to wash both a spoon and a bowl to fix my canned soup. I drank a little bottle of Gatorade with that lovely meal because it's all I could find in my refrigerator short of milk, and milk would have required me to wash a glass. But now that I've eaten, I think I'm going to do those dishes and recover this place from chaos.


hollynicole said...

Sassy... Sassssssssy. You are my best friend and I miss you. :(

Jackie Goodtimes said...

Cass, I'm so glad you got time to come to August Moon with us last night. I wish we could hang out more often. Just gimme a call, girl.