Thursday, October 20, 2005

Highs in the 100s and 0% chance of rain

So I'm definitely insane. Two midterms coming up in the next couple hours. I didn't study last night; I watched Finding Neverland. I haven't studied here at work because, one, I've been rewriting my future, and two, I've been having conveniently long conversations with people. I won't be studying when I get off work either because I need to go meet with Dr. Bodevin about my future in Spanish education.

One day, I'll get what's coming to me. And maybe I'll learn a lesson.

It doesn't matter how much I string out my projected graduation date, my schedule stays pretty rigid. Here's the forecast:

Spring 2006
Spanish 302 (possibly arranged)
Spanish 331 Advanced Grammar
Spanish 403 Spanish-American Literature
COM 372 Communication in the Classroom
English 502 Early English Literature

Summer 2006
EDU 303 Strategies of Teaching
Health 191 Personal Health

Fall 2006
MLA 400 Senior Seminar
MLA 514 Teaching Foreign Languages
Spanish 323 or 325 Spanish Culture and Civilization or Span-Am Culture
Spanish lit course or 300-level elective
English something, maybe

Spring 2007
Spanish lit course or 300-level elective (whichever wasn't taken previous semester)
EDU 383 Evaluation and Measurement in Education
EDU 403 Structures and Foundations of Education (aka, School Law)
SEC 420 Practicum in Secondary Schools
English something, maybe

Summer 2007
Here's where we consider studying abroad again...

Fall 2007
SEC 421 Student Teaching in Secondary School

Could those all be considered The Semester from Hell? It's possible. Rearranging might have to happen.

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Jenny said...

I can't tell you how much it thrills me to know that I will have you, Cass, by my side until graduation in the December of 07. It makes me happy. Together, we will swim in the joy of 5.5 years of undergrad. Yay! I love Cassidy!