Wednesday, December 14, 2005

¡ay, caramba!

I have just become intensely frightened of the semester to come. Why didn't this occur to me earlier? Possibly because it would not have been good for my health.

Okay, it's going to be two grammary/conversationy Spanish classes. Plus a 400-level (400-level!) Spanish-American lit course. A 500-level (500-level!) English lit class that might as well be considered a foreign language course because it's over Old and Middle English texts. My only saving grace -- and God knows I'll need it -- is my classroom com class, which is notoriously cake. *sigh* And book selections are up online. Looking at $400-ish. The Spanish classes are running, as usual, about a hundred bucks a-piece.

I'm-a be reading Spanish literature over break. Were it a perfect world.

Last final tomorrow. Spanish. Should be no big deal. I already know that I made a 94 on my HELL final. I'm a bit concerned with world lit, but the chips will fall as they may. I have to work on Friday morning, and then my Fall 2005 obligations will be officially met.

Come New Years, it'll be 2006. That means we will be, looking at the timeline, nearer to 2010 than we will be to 2000. Surreal.

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