Sunday, December 25, 2005

oh my darling

Spending Christmas night in the Murray. Mom, Pops, and I have made it a tradition. Christmas Eve at Sissy's. Come to Murray on Christmas Day. Do dinner at Asian Buffet. Spend the night here in order to pay the rent and try to make it worthwhile. We'll be back home tomorrow, and the 2005 home-stretch looms.

I'm not sure how well I like writing sixes.

The Christmas spoils are good. Lots of movies, including the Harry Potters. Some books. Some music. Some gift certificates. It's all good. But, to be as cheesy as possible, the real Christmas spirit kicked in when Kathryn opened her first couple presents and called them by name -- baaaay-bee! and bot-tle! And there were a few gifts that I gave out that went over very well. That makes me happy.

The rest-of-break plans are a bit hazy. Nothing planned. Nothing stressful. I can't complain.

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