Sunday, June 04, 2006

He shall beat Levon.

The first week of my second summer class has already passed. Amazing how quickly that week went by compared to the first week of the two-week course. I guess everything really is a bit relative. Anyway, this education class I'm taking now is probably going to be quite easier than the photography, but you know, it'll be five weeks of suckiness. I don't know. My boat's just not a-floating with it.

However, this weekend has been good. My Best Friend Forever Slash came down and saw me. We had us a fun weekend full of various quantities of things like making tacos, walking to the BP, going to Tessa's wedding, spending too much money (see: next item in list), securing Seattle plans, but mostly being disgusting about Taylor Hicks. When you listen to a mix CD of his Idol performances on repeat, a strange thing starts to happen. You realize that all of his songs are really about an assortment of abuse and harassment. Who knew?

It's definitely shower time, so oughta be taking care of that business here in a minute.

Geek update: Harry Potter scarf is almost two-thirds done. That mother is going to be forever long. As a matter of fact, the pattern that I'm using called for four skeins of the red yarn, but I'm definitely running out. No doubt I'll be warm come winter.

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