Saturday, June 17, 2006

Perhaps the planets aligned.

While doing the rounds, I happened upon this:

According to, the album Continuum is due out on September 12 -- three long years and three long days after the release of Heavier Things.

Tour dates have also been set. How convenient that the last night of the tour is my birthday. And how convenient that the tickets go on sale tomorrow morning -- technically, today. Atlanta, though, is not exactly convenient. But it's not impossible.

Yes, I am aware that all I talk about any more is music and the people who play it.

To keep up with this tradition, I'll note that I went and saw Justin and Century Century play at Vitello's tonight. I knew all but one song, which kind of makes me proud. I was able to tap my foot knowlingly along as I stood at the door and made people's change for the three-dollar cover. I'm not exactly sure how I got that gig, but as Justin suggested, I should tell you folks that I was a "hard-ass bouncer" for the show. I don't know about hard-ass, but I did kind of have a power trip when two girls without the appropriate amount of cash ("Oh, all I have is debit...") finally realized I wasn't going to let them in and turned away. Oh, yes.

Shake, shake that Polaroid.

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Elizabeth said...

i love all this talk of music. and i say, atlanta - watch out, here comes cass. do it. soooo worth it.