Monday, June 12, 2006

I've been running ever since.

I am beginning to wonder if I have ADHD.

It has come to my attention (deficit?) that I am incredibly fidgety. I cannot cannot cannot sit still. I remember that when I was a kid, my mom was constantly on me about messing with the mini-blind string behind the couch and about kicking things with my feet. I pop the battery cover on the remote control incessantly. Too bad that the remote for my TV now has a screwed-on battery cover. In my education class right now, we have little name plates that we've made for ourselves. If someone ever needed to know my name, they'd never see it because I am flipping and twirling my name plate around the whole time. I am a pen clicker. I cannot help myself.

Being an education person -- God, the regret -- I have to think about these things. And as I have come across some ADHD symptoms, it is like looking in a mirror. All the signs are there. I don't have the patience to proofread. My mind is incredibly scattered. Just look at the babbling incoherence that is my blog.

My whole life -- or just recently, whichever -- I have been trying to channel that confused and pent-up energy toward something. I have wondered why I have about nineteen hands-on projects going on all the time. I have a new one, by the way. I have a dulcimer now. Play me some mountain music, yeah.

Interestingly, according to those personality/learning styles assessments, I hardly ever come out as a kinesthetically-inclined person. I am beginning to think they are all wrong.

Now, I think I am going to go run a lap or something, thank you.

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Elizabeth said...

i think adhd just makes people more interesting. sometimes, admittedly, it is the kind of interesting that i can only stand in small doses...but the good news is, you're far from reaching that point, so i say ride the adhd wave to a solid prescription drug habit if you can.

as for the bbq, it was actually pretty damn good -- and it was a new york bbq company, the particular sandwich i had, which was even more impressive. and i'm a hard sell. =)

i enjoy reading your blog. i need to make sure it gets plugged into my daily blog rounds instead of sporadically reading twenty entries.

keep it real in ky. i'm doing my best to hold down the bluegrass up here, having been informed as of friday that apparently when i'm drunk i have a RAGING southern accent. and that's always a good way to represent your roots. you know, drunk dancing in a subway yelling "yeah, y'all!" claaaassy.