Thursday, June 24, 2004

the rhythm of a line of idle days

in my ears
room for squares
artist: john mayer
song: great indoors

Quiet times in Murray tonight. Erin has already gone home for the weekend. I really don't have much to do in the way of reading for class. I read two different authors last night for today, but we only got through one in class today. Class was so horrible. I love QMcQ, but today just took the cake. Anyway, I actually should be working on my research paper. It's due a week from tomorrow. Once I get that turned in, I'll be done with ENG 304. Then on Saturday, I get the wonderful pleasure of moving to my apartment. I'm excited about having my own place, but I'm sure the whole moving-out-moving-in process will be a disaster. Things like that always are. But at least all the big stuff will be coming from home. Where I will not be. Moving out of here shouldn't be too bad. I don't have much. But you know how things seem to multiply like rabbits when you try to pack them. It's comforting, though, that I can make as many trips has I want. I don't have to cram everything I own into a vehicle and hope it doesn't pop out as I'm dodging the 293 Deer. This will be a much different move than I've ever experienced, really. And it will be the last move I'll be making for at least a year, if not more.

I had to find ways to entertain myself today. I started by downloading the InTune thing that John Mayer and Paul Simon did. I did my laundry and napped through most of that. Then I had to go to Movie World to return the copies of Benny and Joon and The Life of David Gale that I rented. (Both are very good movies. They're nothing alike, but they're two very fine films. I could see myself buying both of them. Hmmm...) I went to WalMart for a little grocery shopping. I came back, fixed spaghetti, and settled in with John and Paul. (I feel like I should continue by saying, "George and Ringo." Huh.) That was quite enjoyable, but I tell you, I need to figure out how to get those videos to burn to CD-Rs because they are taking up waaay too much space on this computer. I got a little bored again, so I decided to put the cookie dough in action that I bought at WalMart. I don't know why I bought it. I don't need it. Anyway, that freaking oven is a CL. Compulsive Liar, if you don't know. I knew from my burnt brownie brick experience that the setting on it is a little off, but how can I bake cookies that call for 350 at 275 for 8 minutes when they call for 10-15 minutes and they still burn on the bottom? Something is wrong. Hopefully the oven at my apartment will not have such deception issues. After baking the still-edible walnut chocolate chip cookies, I decided to go far a drive. Mom ended up calling me when I was halfway to Hazel, so I talked to her for a while.

That's about all tonight has added up to. Hmmm. That was a really long, boring post.

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