Tuesday, June 01, 2004

goodbye long hair, hello domesticity

It's been a long day. But it's been pretty good. I had my first class, and I think it will be quite interesting. My professor is, um, laid back and liberal. Yeah. But I have a feeling that he'll challenge my thinking a lot. It's about time a professor did that. Isn't that what college is about? Oh, yes, and reading a lot. I have quite a bit to read for tomorrow. That's right. I have class tomorrow. Normally, I just have class on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, but because we didn't have class yesterday, we have to go tomorrow. What's that? Nobody else has to make up for Memorial Day. Oh, well.

So yeah, I ran a bunch of errands, got my hair cut, and grocery shopped. And I mean buying food that you actually have to cook. Since I've been home, I've made my first pitcher of tea, and I am currently letting my rice steam. It's probably burning. Trying my hand at being Susie Homemaker has been going too well.

About my hair. I really got it cut. Like, it's short for me. I'd say it's what hairstyle magazines that you find in the lobby of beauty shops would call medium. Maybe I'll post pictures later. But right now, I need to make sure I'm not burning down the apartment complex.

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