Wednesday, June 16, 2004

things are looking...up?

I did indeed get the apartment. I'm excited! (Take note. Stress is beginning wear off.) I went and looked at it yesterday morning before class. You see, the apartment I saw when I originally looked at Brentwood was rented before I decided to go with them. My humble abode will be Apt. H. It's much cuter than I remembered. I would post pictures, but I keep forgetting to bring my camera and USB cord from upstairs to download them onto my computer. I also did a little odometrical research, and the distance from Springer to Faculty Hall is the same as from the apartment. Good times. The weekend of the 4th of July is the official move-in date. Two and a half weeks!

Today, I might have landed myself a job at Ryan's Steakhouse. I had my interview, and the manager lady all but told me that I'm hired. She said hiring should end tomorrow, and then they'll go through applications. I need to call on Friday to find out about positions. She even said the words "I'd like to give you a try." She told me what my duties would be and what my uniform should look like. Doesn't that sound promising? I hope so. I need a job badly. We didn't even talk about pay, but I'm sure it'll suck. A lot of people don't tip servers at buffet restaurants, so I'm going to have to "build a clientele," she said. It scares me, of course. Any kind of responsibility does. But I need the work experience. I need the learning experience. This summer holds quite a bit of that stuff.

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hollynicole said...

Yaaaaaaay Sassy! I'm so excited for you. I, too, have a job possibility. I have an interview at Burger King on Monday morning. Let's cross our fingers...